Changing Saturation of Gray Scale Items

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Thank you! I did eventually figure that out. I also found out that if I change the layer style to "overlay" it doesn't muck up the color! yippee!

Thank you!!

I've always wondered how to bypass that. Thanks

Thanks for this tip!

Great tip. Thanks.

Thank for the tip !!!! smiley

gracias por todos los consejos y de toda la comunidad

I took the steps, and changed an item's colour. I saved it as a new file and back at photoshop this little window appeared: PNG Options
Interlace: None
So I had to choose between None and Interlaced but I'm note sure I understand what it means.
Thanks for the tutorial!

short, sweet and very informative tip - thank you

great tip

Thank you for everything ! I'm learning so much here ! smiley

Yippie!!! Between the overlay suggestion and this one, I can now import my grayscale elements into Photoshop Touch on my ipad!!!! I am LOVING this!!!!

I love your tips I feel like I am actually learning something new every time. Thank you

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

thank you so much for the tip!

I always forget this tip! Thank you so much for reminding me!

These tips are very helpful, thank you.

Your tips & advices are very helpful. Thanks a lot! smiley I really enjoy them.

I am learning new things everyday smiley Thanks for the tip.

Oh My Goodness! I am so happy to have stumbled upon this solution. I have fought this problem many, many times (without success) because I was trying to change the "opacity" rather than the "lightness". Obviously, that just doesn't work, so I am extremely thankful to have this tip about using the lightness slider!

Very useful - thank you!

I've run into this problem many times and never knew this trick, so thank you!

Yet another great tip! Thanks so much.

Simple and efficient;


I'm pretty new at all o smiley f this so I really appreciate all of these tutorials!

This is just the tip I was looking for, as I was struggling a bit with colorization. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! This helps a lot! smiley

thank u


This whole thing is very confusing to me. However, I want to try making kits so I will keep trying.