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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

There are some things that I will have to investigate to see if it is available in PSE10. I really need to follow up on how to make that glitter border.

Wow, that was VERY fast! I will definitely need to rewatch this many many times to catch on to these useful tips! Thanks for taking the time to make this useful tutorial! Great info since I'm moving over from Elements to PhotoShop!!

Wow, I learnt a lot today. Yes it is very fast, but I just kept stopping it and practiced each element and rewound if it didn't work. Took a bit of time but I was so pleased with my project. Thank you so much smiley

Great, a straightforward and simple explanation. Thank you:)

Thank you for the tutorial! It was a little difficult to catch everything as it was rather fast paced, but I think if I watch it back and pause a few times, I might be able to catch the parts I didn't understand. Still a little overwhelmed by how to do the glitter border part. But again, thank you for posting!

thanks so much smiley

Thank you for your tutorial! It's very helpful and I discovered new tools!

I think you have done a great job thank you.

This tutorial is so helpful! I learn new tricks! Thank you, Marisa!

Newbie here and learning so much. Thank you. smiley

Thank you for the instruction.