Make Your Own Washi Tape

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Thank you.

can you make the same in Gimp?

I will definitely try

I love washi tapes. So glad you have a tutorial on how to make one. Thanks.

I'm obsessed with washi tape! Thank you so much for posting this!!

thank you so much, i can lern many things here.

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing - I never realized you could make washi tape on photoshop!

very helpful, thank you.

great tutorial!

thank you for this tutorial. problem is the brush set is no longer available for download.

Yeah, but we've got so many washi tape brushes and kits here for download now that it's really not a problem. You can just use them for shapes or clipping masks.

Check out this one, this one, and this one, for starters, or just search "washi" like HERE.

Thank you. I did downloaded a few. smiley

Or here are 40 more tape much to choose from..

thanks. smiley

Thank you for the tutorial, very helpful smiley

thx so much! this is great

thank u

another awesome tut!! thanks!

Thanks for the tutorial....I have a question can these brushes be used in CS4? smiley

I've tweaked the idea a little more. I used a brush with a "texture" on it to color over it. It works. smiley Nice idea! Definitely inspired me.

Marisa you make this look so easy. I love my washi and you have just introduced me to a whole new world. Thank you smiley

Thanks Marisa! I just made some but did it the hard way, LOL! Wished I could have seen this first.

Sadly, the brushes are no longer available.

It appears that I am five years too late for the brushes! Can you recommend something else so I can try my hand at washi tape?


That was great - thanks! It worked (I'll be trying that bump in different colors...mmm) smiley

This was very helpful. Thank you.

Oh wow - this is awesome! Thank you.