Making Glitter Texture in Photoshop

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Thanks for this tutorial, I do like a bit of bling!

Thank you Marisa I did both! I thought I already posted this, but it vanished somewhere lol

Well I don't have this texture and I can't find it via google. Everything just says Photoshop, but there's more than one kind of Photoshop. I have Elements 13 or something so I guess it's a CS texture. It stinks b/c I'd love to make my own glitter :\

nvm I found the texture lol. I feel like a doof haha

Great tutorial thanks so much smiley

Thank you for the tutorial. I have Adobe Photoshop CS6 and I’m slowly learning how to use it. I used PSP 9 & 10 years ago so I’m hoping I can learn how to create some goodies in CS6.

I cannot begin to explain how grateful and happy I am to have found this tutorial!!!!!!!!! OMG

thank u

this was the tutorial that brought me back to this site...i googled make glitter and it was like the 2nd listing. thank you!

Thank you! So much better than trying to use "noise".

This is very cool! Thanks for posting! smiley

Just tried it! I made it on a 12 x 12 inch page. Zoomed out the pattern repeats a lot but zoomed it, it really looks like glitter. Pretty amazing! Thank you for the tutorial!

CS2 doesn't have the "Texture Fill 2" files. Does anyone know where I might find the Towel and Web patterns online? I know I really need to catch up on the CS releases lol!

Thanks In Advance

Ok, I've now made my 3-inch square of glitter, but can someone tell me how I should use it? Please?

Thank you so much. I tried this in PSE and it worked as well which was awesome

Amazing thank you!