Making Realistic Texture Papers

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I have had so much trouble trying to make my own textured papers. It's the sticking part of my process. Thank you so much for this tutorial. It really helped!

Awesome! I have been trying to do this with no success, I can see where I was going wrong now. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

I never thought of duplicating layers to strengthen an feature. I always struggle with my settings. I saw someone do this on as well and realized I've been causing myself headaches trying to find the correct settings. I make the feature light at first and then began adding the feature multiple times until it was what I wanted. Brilliant.

Thanks! Now I know what to do with the hundreds of photos I've been taking just for texture sake smiley I love taking photos and turning them into usable digital art.

thank you, very good tutorial

I don't know how I found your site but I am so GLAD I did... once again.. I am learning... thanks

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Wow! I can imagine many hours of experimenting with this!

Very good, congratulations.

Thanks for sharing.


ok, I hate to bump up an oldish thread but I have a question
if we're to scan papers and stuff to make texture, is it ok to scan a letter size (that's my scanner bed, letter size/A4) 300 DPI, and then use a 12"x12" (or 3600x3600dpi) section? is that enough of a resolution?

And for taking photos of t hings, I always try to take macro photos, my camera (both phone and P&S) are 8Megapixels, is that sufficient? I am sure it depends on what we're photographing but I really want a new camera but it's nowhere in my future, and I want to know if what I'm making is good enough quality. Any tips? Looking on google for photoshop texture size doesn't quite bring up the results I'm after! smiley