Making A Scalloped Edge, video

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Like Sheila I've been doing this the hard way for so long...LOL...seems so easy now!! DOH!

Well i feel a little bit stupid now smiley just kidding i didn't know this way and trying to create this shape in hard way smiley thanks for sharing

that's cool! thank you! smiley

This was very informative and I'm glad I took the time to watch. I have been doing this the WAY WRONG WAY!- One circle at a time! Thank you for posting this.

So Coooooooooooooooooooool smiley

Wow, that really was a big help!! Thank you so much!

This tut is Super Cool!
Your way of doing it is sooooo much easier than the way I've been making these!
Thanks so very much!
smiley smiley smiley smiley

I had fun playing with the distribute feature, but how do you know how many circles to make to stretch evenly across the page? I end up with too few (space between) or too many which crowds them and doesn't give the true scallop effect. Is it just a matter of experience and good estimation?

Very helpful....thank you:)

Would have never in a million years figured that out. THanks for sharing!!!

Thank you, will have to try this


usually make this kind of use a program element vector, finds it easier, I had no idea how to do this in photoshop. once again thank you very much!

thank you this is a very handy tutorial to know for sure

great tutorial smiley

Wow, fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much, this was so easy once I watched this.

Wow how easy, wonderful

Thanks so much for sharing this. I always watched video and tutorials online and no success and wah la... your tut I learned it.

wow good instruction! I just managed to try this in PaintShop Pro smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

As always, extremely useful.

Great!)))) Thank you for the lesson!))))

I always used a circular brush and changed the width. Using Shift the drawn line will be straight. So I don't have to do all the different layers.

Great tip Kathrin! I didn't know about that! Makes it a lot easier.

This looks so easy - can I do this in Elements?

thank u

So simple. Thanks. Can't believe I didn't know how to do this years ago.

Like others, I can't believe how simple this way is! It looks so good - thanks! smiley

So helpful and so easy - thank you!