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@Kirra - I sent you an email that might assist you with regards to Photoshop.

Hi Marisa,

I would love to learn how to make elements glossy and shiny! Like for instance the red glitter brads you have. How do you make them puffy and glossy? And say for instance you have a candy cane or something and you want to make it look shiny.

Thank you,

Oh! I have another one - I have seen glitter Brushes. I don't understand how you use a brush with the glitter. How do you use 2 things at once like that?

Okay - Okay - maybe its a dumb question but I am new at this!

Thanks again!

@Nancy: Quick answers to your requests, let me know if you need more than this.

Plastic effect tutorial here. This is a basic introduction, there are lots of setting you can mess around with.

Adding glitter to a brush is as simple as using the brush on a layer, filling another layer with glitter and then clipping the glitter to the brush. Clipping masks are your friends.

I would love to learn how to create buttons. I have googled and havent come across a good tutorial. The tutorial that I need will create a button like button 25 in you templates.

Thanking you in advance.

Thank you for showing me!

I would love to learn how to make a half circle pleated banner template with a fancy edge of a different color or clipped paper?

I would like to learn how to curl paper. I know how to distort the shadow to make it look like it is lifted but not how to make it look like it is curled over.

I'd like a tutorial to create shadows

Could you give me more ideas on how to use shape masks and shape edges? I've seen the tutorial on how to clip papers to them, but there must be some more ways you can use them, or not?

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Is it possible to create some "generic" tuts for those of us who do not use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements?
I would LOVE to learn about misting and brush techniques (and have for quite some time)!

2) For those of us who have massive collections of cu items, specifically regarding papers, could you provide some sort of tut or tips on how to organize these when you have 100's & 100's? I have them divided by textures, overlays, patterns, etc., and then within those folders, I have them categorized by kind of overlay (grunge, for example), kind of pattern (circles, squares, argyle, etc.), but how can you organize the 100's of those you simply don't know where to put/where they belong. Not to mention the packs of papers or textures+ that come mixed with different kinds of style of papers/textures/etc.

Please help! What happens is that there are so many just floating around that they never get used. You can't begin to sort through them when you need something and you're in the midst of creating something.

Thanks for your help!


P.S. What can one do with flat templates or shapes, like a witch for Halloween? There's no way to create a bevel, right? Are they to be used for patterns on papers?

Thanks again!

There has been some discussion here about organizing. It can be rather personal based on your scrapping style, etc, but in the future I will probably make a post about my own personal preferences.

Also, please take a minute to read our forum guidelines.

This seems like a silly question, but I've always wondered how to use your glitter .pngs. (I use Photoshop.) Other glitters I've downloaded have either been .asl styles or 12x12 sheets of glitter which were scaled such that I could just clip them to a shape and the glitter would look properly sized. I don't know how to use yours, which are smaller - do I turn them into patterns/styles? Are they seamless or whatever the term is that lets you turn things into styles without looking wonky? I love your glitter colors so much and I've been downloading them for months and then just sort of staring at them sadly when I realize once again that I have no idea what to do with them. I'm pretty new to digital scrapbooking, so there's probably some obvious way to use them that I just haven't learned yet.

Yes, the glitter files are seamless which you can use as patterns in Photoshop. See this tutorial if you need help with that. I should make that more clear on the glitter asset page. Also, I've just started offering them as kits, with the .PNG files, .PAT file and .ASL files if you prefer that

Fantastic, thank you so much, Marisa! I downloaded the Birds In Snow glitter kit. What delicious colors.

I'm new to the site and I love the tutorials as well as the templates. You've done an excellent job with this site! I've downloaded a bunch of the templates and have been experimenting. In several files, there is a 'non editable adjustment' setting that is blocking me from recoloring the elements. I'm guessing it's a 'group' setting in regular Photoshop. I haven't been able to figure out how to turn it off in Elements (what I'm using). Would love a tutorial on this. 'Flower10-a.psd' is an example of what I'm speaking of. I've also run in this in several of the ribbons. I'm unable to see the layers to recolor them. In this file for example, instead of showing the flower petals, the only layer showing is a folder icon with a 'non editable adjustment' icon to the right.

I've been making my first journal cards, and I am trying to figure out how to make perfectly rounded corners! I have tried a bunch of different ways, but I always end up with more jaggedy corners than I would like. I zoom in on your journal card corners and they are as perfectly smooth as pixel-ness will allow. I'd love to know how to make a rounded-corner border, too (like one that would be the edge of a rounded-corner JC, but with space in the middle for another layer to show through). Thank you so much for all your great tutorials!

@Shannon: I started a new thread here to try and determine what the problem is.

@Violet: The rounded edge shape tool is your friend. I will make a quick tutorial.

I see you make awesome stitches, Marisa. What about a tutorial on how to make those?

I would love to know how to create pattern overlays! Love this site. Thanks for all you do!

I use gimp but find that Photoshop tutorials can most of the time can be helpful even though the programs are different. My request is for a distressed and muted colors tutorial. I just love the look and can not for the life of me figure out how to get the colors the way you do on your distressed papers! Help!

Someone has already asked but I would like to know the best way to scan or photograph and extract things. I have tried a few different things and nothing really comes out looking great smiley

I'm curious about assets...how people make or procure them. I've figured out how to recolor gray scale items, and make paper and some patterns, but have no idea how people do assets. I've done a little web browsing on the topic, but really haven't gotten any useful information.

I'm trying to improve my skills on styles and i would love some great tut about that smiley Like creating a ghost acrylic och stitched around style etc smiley

I have two requests:

I'd like to know how to organize the tons of cu papers, textures, and overlays I have. Some are obvious, like shapes, grunge, patterned, etc., but what about all of those other kinds? I have so many papers that never get used, not even looked at, because they're not in any category. Help!

I'd also like to know how to create patterned papers. Could you provide a "general" tutorial? I use PhotoImpact and can't always follow photoshop tuts. How do you line up the elements for the pattern, for example?

Thank you for your help!

I would to know how I can set shadow on PSE...i use PSP and PSE...because the settgin for the shadow on PSP is easier than using style in PSe...am I right???

Marisa, could you make a tutorial for quality checking elements for jaggies & how to smoothe out the edges ? Please ? Thank you.
xoxox Beth

What would be the best way to make an element in PS?

I would like an organization tutorial also but I have this dream of putting all my png and jpeg files in the Photoshop Elements organizer. I didn't know you could do this until recently! When I got a copy of PSE 11 last year, I purposely didn't let all of my photos from my other Photoshop go in there so I could start from scratch. Only thing, when I go to attempt it, I am lost as to what to do (especially in 11). Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to categorize it? I really would like the "tagging" feature so I don't have so many duplicates. Just a suggestion! smiley

Hi Marisa, I would love to know if it is possible (and how to do it) to convert a png file to a custom photoshop shape- for example your coffee cup template. Would it be possible to use that sort of file to make a custom shape? I keep searching the interwebs for clues and still haven't found any - which sort of makes me think it can't be done -if it's any help to you I'm using CS5. Thanks so much smiley


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