Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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WOW! smiley Thank u so much fo this one!!!

Thank You! It finally worked. I didn't do anything different but it worked the way you showed. smiley

Thank you, this is so helpful!

Great tip Thank you!

does this method work in PSE also?

Wow! Great new trick to use now that I know how. Thanks!!!

I'm with Dela, I cannot believe how many hours I have wasted filling in every little bit and piece to change colours of things. Such a cool video Marisa, thanks so much. I was worried that since I only have PE version 5, it might not have the necessary tools, but it did. I definitely need to find some time to check out more of the tutorials. Even though I have to find the time to watch them, the time I save in the long run learning all these little tips will be worth it. smiley

Thank you so much! Such a time saver. At first, I could not get it to work. But then I realized that I needed to uncheck contiguous that pops up at the top when the paint bucket is selected. After that, worked great! Thanks so much! Your tutorials are awesome smiley

Thank you for this. Going to try it now.

Extremely helpful tut! I forgot to take notes so I will be visiting this again (and again).

Thanks so much! This was extremely helpful.

This tutorial is amazing. What a timesaver.

WOW Marisa! I can't thank you enough for all your fabulous tutorials.
These are the easiest, least complicated tuts I've ever found for PS.
Thank you so very much for so generously sharing your knowledge with us! smiley smiley smiley

Great tutorial - many thanks!

Thanks for the tutorial

This is very awesome and to think I paid a lot of money to scrap girls and I learned nothing but a bunch of stuff to read. Your method was very KISS. ( Keep it Short and Simple ) Thanks again your the best....

I never did it this way, but I will try out!

Hey, I could not find any advices in other threats and this looked the most close. I would like to create my own checked patterns. Is there any possibility to do that in an an online program or does anyone have instructions to create these patterns in photoshop? Thanks for your help! smiley

This tut and the one suggested by Lea have been so very helpful. Thanks for showing us how to change colors so quickly and easily.

buen enlace lo he mirado y tomo nota de los archivos pdf que tiene gracias

gracias por compartir tanto conocimiento

I found the video! Thank you for the tutorial, very helpful!

Gosh I am feeling so incompetent. I think my cold has me foggy I am going to retry tomorrow.

This worked awesome. And someone stated, if you UNCHECK contiguous then it will fill the whole patter/overlay, but if not, then you can click each one, say with lines or circles. Thanks so much

Great tip. Especially about lowering the tolerance number so you can recolor specific colors. And the posted video link on how to use "Color replacement" was great. So much to learn!

So simple, yet so important to know, thanks.

Great information. I didn't know about the lock transparency, which make a huge difference.
Thank you

Am I able to do this in PSE 11? I recognize some of the tools you mention.

Now yes it was better to recolor papers.