Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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Holy Hannah! That was so simple! Thank you!

It's always the littlest things that make life so much easier.

This will save me a lot of time and frustration - Thanks! My photobooth clients pic out the images and backgrounds from my catalog and I have to convert them to whatever color theme they have for their event, now I'm feeling more confident. Appreciate the clarity!

makes recolouring layers so fast and simple, thank you for this awesome tip!

Thank you - just what I needed today!

Hi would this work in PSP.

So simple yet so useful! Cheers!

Oh so useful yet so simple! Thank you.

So simple an SO time saving! Thanks! smiley

Thanks for the help !
What photo shop are you using??

I think Photoshop CS6

Hi, can anyone help please, is photoshop elements the same as photoshop as I have pse 7 and i am not sure if it is the same. I feel like an idiot asking

It's been a while I do not use Photoshop but for resizing and applying minor retouches to my pictures. But, after reading this topic and watching this video, I saw how this powerful software can help me in my party planning business! Thank you for so many nice tutorials and tips!

WOW is all I can say.... I will view PS a lot different now ... thanks

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial thank-you

I had not learned about locking the transparency. Thank you for explaining the benefits.

Thank you SOOO much for sharing this - have found it very useful.

I keep coming back to these tutorials. Thank you so much for taking the time to create them and for offering them to us to refer back to any time we need. It helps so much!

Hi Marisa, I wish I'd known this before! I never knew you could make your own papers, but this has opened whole new possibilities!

I normally use PSP for most things, but I do use Photoshop at times as well. Thank you for the awesome tutorial. It's greatly appreciated. smiley

thanks so much! can't wait to try my hand at this

Wow!! This makes it so much easier! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

thanks for the tutorial. very useful! smiley

This is a great and easy tutorial to understand and I like the fact that it is quick. Long tutorials are tough to get through with kids running around in the background smiley

Goodness! You make PS so easy!!! I especially found the tolerance idea for changing multiple items at once! Thank you so much for sharing with us smiley

Thanks for the tip. It save my life ..

mind blown! Thanks!

So simple and very helpful

Thank you Marisa, I have been doing things the hard way all this time.