Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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I am definitely trying this one out! I always have the problem of recoloring things one by one smiley Not anymore because of this tutorial. Thanks so much!

This is brilliant, Marisa! And it's so simple, once you know that little trick about locking the transparent pixels! I use Photoshop Elements 11, so the lock icon isn't in exactly the same place as your screen shot, but WOO-HOO! I've learned something new today! Thank you for leaving older tips like this up, for beginners like me!

Simple and smart

Thank you, Marisa. Very easy & useful.

Awesome, and you are very pleasant to listen to! Straight to the point, no waffling, full of useful information! smiley

@France: Thanks! It's a big pet peeve of mine when I listen to a tutorial and they spend five minutes talking about nothing and then 30 seconds giving you the details. I always try to keep that in mind when recording.

@marisa, couldn't agree more.

Thank you for usefull and pretty understandable lesson!

I find all your tutorials and tricks simple and yet super useful - thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much. No longer will I have to spend countless hours doing things the hard way.

It's so easy if we know how, thank you very much

That is a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing. smiley

Thank you! I had seen this before but at a time when photoshop was just too new to me for it to 'click'. Also your presentation makes it extremely easy to understand.

I am very new to Photoshop and I'm taking baby steps, but you make this so clear and easy to learn - thank you so much!

great tipps. thank you

This is really useful! Great tutorial

I have PSE 12 and it works great!

Thank you so very much! smiley


thank u

I never knew you could lock the transparent pixels like that. What a difference - thank you for sharing that is wonderful!

This is so helpful. Thank You.

I thought I knew a lot about photoshop but my watching your videos i am having serious WTF! It's THAT EASY!!! moments. I never knew that's what the lock button did. You just made my life 1000% easier. Holy cow! Magic Wand, I'm sorry but I won't be using you as much anymore. You've been replaced by a lock.... *facepalm*

thanks. makes it so easy

Thank you for sharing this great tip! smiley

May seem a silly question, but is this how you "painted" your passport stamp paper?

@Faith: I probably stamped them in the colors I wanted using this tutorial.

Thank you Marisa, hadn't seen that tutorial, SO much to learn. smiley

Hi Marisa, I am really stuck on something I guess is probably very simple. I have a few overlays that I don't seem to be able to colour in the way you have shown here. I would like to add different colours to the different areas. Would you be able to enlighten me please? Here is one of the overlays that I can recolour with a gradient or colour overlay but not individual elements. PS-MeloVrijhof-pattern-ArabesqueLarge.

Thank you so much.