Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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Is this the template you are trying to recolor? If everything is connected it will make recoloring different areas tricky. You can try selecting an area with the marquee or lasso tool, then it will just recolor whatever you have selected.

Hi Marisa it's this one, but from the same paper pack, I suppose it's layer and gradient and the like then? Thanks for the reply, sorry to be so long in answering.

How cool is this... thanks for this tut smiley

To me it is still a bit complicated but good tutorial video that can always go back to the case and have difficulty

I've been looking for such a tutorial for ages! Thank you so much for sharing! smiley

I saw this a while back, and it is such an awesome tip!! Thank you!

Thanks for this video I was struggling with keeping the images from looking jagged now I know how to avoid that

Neat, thanks Marisa! I'm learning lots through your tutorials. smiley

Good Gravy! Thank you for this tutorial. Complicated explanations are some times worthless but your tutorials are so easy to understand. Now I just need to learn the basics PS.

This will also work on Photoshop Elements. You have to hunt for the bits and pieces, but they are all there.

Awesome - thanks! I've been wondering how to easily use those paper templates. Really great to learn this.