Using Templates: Recoloring Gray Scale Items, video

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Amazing, thank you very much smiley

Hello Marisa,I am doing the same thing to recolor an item then I take the plugin Ajust Variation to put exactly the tint of a specific color. smiley

Thank you for this, but can you do this in PSP and if you can, how please?

Thanks for sharing1

Thank You So Much there was one thing new I learned.

Awesome! Thank you!

Thank you very much, this is very helpful

If you use a solid color layer, it will be easier to change the color to anyone you want at any saturation over and over again quickly.

Thanks so much...I'm just starting out, so this is very helpful.

Oh super. I knew there had to be an easier way than what I was doing... smiley Thank you for the clear tutorial!

Holy smokes! I'd been struggling with this today and on a hunch, came looking for the info here. Thank you so much!

Dang! your way is so much easier than what I've been doing for years. Thank you Marisa.

Thanks for the video.

Am so going to try this, thank you!

Thanks for all of the tutorials that you post Marisa. I am just learning Photoshop etc. and they are an amazing resource for me! Well for any newbie I imagine. Thank you. smiley