Using Templates: Shape/Photo Masks using the clipping mask in Photoshop

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Thanks for another awesome tutorial! smiley

Great tip! Thanks!

Great tutorial, thanks!

Thanks Marisa! I've also found trial in error that if I want to drag that matted shape or photo onto my scrapbook page that I'm making; I need to to do a final step-flatten the image so the layers get merged together. Go to Layers and choose merge layers or merge visible and then I can drag the image onto the page I'm working on and the image stays together.

I had no clue about this technique! So easy! Thank you!

I just found your site a few days ago, and have been going through all your tutorials, and learning so much about PS, and things are finally starting to click for me. I have had the program for years, but could never wrap my head around some of the stuff, so only used it for basic things. With what I have learned in just a few days from watching your videos, and reading your tutorials, it has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you so much for all you share. smiley

All of your tutorials are so easy to understand. Thank you.

smiley I am so glad there are tutorials on how to use these! Thank you!

Thank you. Although I use a different program to scrap with, this is still a great help. I can use masks with my program. xxx

I too love the clipping mask too the greatest thing ever I wished paintshop would have something that but they dont.

I think clipping masks are great.

Woo Hoo. This is the first thing I am doing in the morning. You explain things so well and make the steps seem so easy.
Thanks so much Marisa.

I wish Gimp had the option of clipping masks. smiley

Great tutorial, I may have to start using my photoshop more. smiley

Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

gracias por compartir lo tengo en cuenta

Thanks for the quick tutorial. Super helpful.

I did it Thanks

LOVE! Thank you!

Thanks, can I use this with pictures also? smiley

When you have your paper layer selected over the shape, hit Ctrl and G at the same time on your keyboard.
That's the shortcut key stroke to do the same thing.

That's a super useful shortcut to know Tiffany. Thanks for sharing. Although in my Photoshop it's actually alt+ctrl+g.

Can anyone please tell me how to do this with paintshop pro X5??

I can't believe it's that easy! Marisa, you are brilliant!

PS : For clipping masks in Photoshop Elements 11 (Windows):
1. Open mask.
2. File / Place to open photo.
3. Layer / Create Clipping Mask.

This is going to sound crazy, but I have the hardest time just moving and dropping my background image onto my template document. I drop it too soon and it doesn't go or I don't drop it in the correct place and I end up on another file. I use a touch pad, so maybe that's the problem. it best to create your new item in a separate file, convert it to a png then copy it to your layout? Or can you do this within the same file you are working on - like a digital scrapbook layout ?

Any feed-back appreciated - THanks!

@Vickie: It depends on what new item your making. If it's just a simple shape, I'd go ahead and make it in the file you're using. If you're going to make something with a lot of layers, sometimes it's helpful to make that in a separate file, then just use a flattened version in your layout. That way you don't lose those layers in case you want to go back and tweak something.

@Dana: What program are you using? I don't have any problems moving layers around, but I have a mouse and I'm using Photoshop.

Thank you will give this a try

@Marisa, thanks for the feedback. My items are usually intricate so I will follow your advice for the separate file.

I love clipping masks - they are so versatile and cool to use, thank you.