Using Templates: Shape/Photo Masks using the clipping mask in Photoshop

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Easy peasy with great tutoring. Thanks.

tks!!! i really love this tool (sorry of my english, is poor).. smiley

Oh my!!! Wow!! I have been spending ages on using the magic wand on my shape then using inverse hiding the layer and selecting my paper and deleting to get a copy of the shape! You have saved me so much time smiley

One excited & very grateful newbie!!! xxxx

I am so glad you made this... I have seen it done and now I know how they did it... so easy now... thanks

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

LOVE clipping masks. Wish your site had been around when I started digiscrapping. It would have made my life so much easier.

Glad I clicked on the tutorial....I used to just colour the shape. So many possibilities just opened up!! Thanks Pixel Scrapper

How very simple, brilliant!

I just tried this... and WOW I'm going to have so much fun!! Thank you!

Simple and easy!! thank you
smiley smiley

Thank you! I was always perplexed about how to do this, but it's very simple!

Thanks for the great tip! I was completely unaware of clipping masks until I discovered the concept on your site and how easy it is to use with great results. Learning something new every day smiley

For PSE, I hover my mouse between the clipping mask and the paper I want to clip, hold down the alt button and left-click the mouse. It will clip the paper to the clipping mask.

Just simple and easy, thank you! A clipping mask can really do wonders.

I LOVE this site! I'm learning so much!!

I love to use masks too. Thanks for sharing!

I'll have to try this. It certainly sounds easy enough to do and could produce some really cool results.

Love this^^

Thank you for the lesson!
I knew this method but repeating is useful)))))

Thanks Marisa!!

My frustration level is decreasing. I am actually beginning to enjoy working with PSE. My goal for 2015 was to not be afraid of and angry at PSE. I'm getting there.

Yes!! Me too, Alice! I'm bravely starting with clipping masks. It's the only effect (so far) that I really love, that my wonderfully easy CraftArtist can't do. Thank God Photoshop is so popular, because there are LOTS of tutorials. Yay - Good for us!!

Michelle we will conquer this!

Thank you is a great tutorials!

Thank you so much!! smiley

Thanks for sharing smiley

Thank you so much. Your tutorials are so very helpful. smiley

thank u

Wow you make it look so easy.

I wondered how this was done, how you use masks in PS... i knew how to in PSP
Thanks for this tutorial