Using Templates: Shape/Photo Masks using the clipping mask in Photoshop

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Easy peasy with great tutoring. Thanks.

tks!!! i really love this tool (sorry of my english, is poor).. smiley

Oh my!!! Wow!! I have been spending ages on using the magic wand on my shape then using inverse hiding the layer and selecting my paper and deleting to get a copy of the shape! You have saved me so much time smiley

One excited & very grateful newbie!!! xxxx

I am so glad you made this... I have seen it done and now I know how they did it... so easy now... thanks

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

LOVE clipping masks. Wish your site had been around when I started digiscrapping. It would have made my life so much easier.

Glad I clicked on the tutorial....I used to just colour the shape. So many possibilities just opened up!! Thanks Pixel Scrapper

How very simple, brilliant!

I just tried this... and WOW I'm going to have so much fun!! Thank you!

Simple and easy!! thank you
smiley smiley

Thank you! I was always perplexed about how to do this, but it's very simple!

Thanks for the great tip! I was completely unaware of clipping masks until I discovered the concept on your site and how easy it is to use with great results. Learning something new every day smiley

For PSE, I hover my mouse between the clipping mask and the paper I want to clip, hold down the alt button and left-click the mouse. It will clip the paper to the clipping mask.

Just simple and easy, thank you! A clipping mask can really do wonders.

I LOVE this site! I'm learning so much!!

I love to use masks too. Thanks for sharing!

I'll have to try this. It certainly sounds easy enough to do and could produce some really cool results.

Love this^^

Thank you for the lesson!
I knew this method but repeating is useful)))))