Using Templates: Shape/Photo Masks using the clipping mask in Photoshop

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Thank you for this very easy to follow tutorial smiley

THANK GOODNESS I found this tutorial! Very easy instructions! I've always wondered how to use masks I got from others and now I know! So cool! The old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is certainly NOT accurate! Hahaha! Thank you, Marisa!

תודה רבה!!!

Thank you for posting this.

Well, it appears that I am 5 years behind everyone else but it is no longer intimidating. Thank you. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Thank you! I have played around with this but couldn't get anything to work. You explain everything so simply. I might be able to get my moneys worth out of photoshop now that I know where to get help that I can understand. Thank you for keeping it simple and using terminology that a senior citizen can understand. I am going to have a lot more fun in the future!

Thank you. I look forward to trying them.

Thanks for this simple explanation. I was about to download one of your interesting shapes, not knowing exactly what I would do with it, when I saw the "not sure how to use this file?". Very good feature! I had just recently learned how to use photo masks (and how to use them w/word art)by searching the internet, but did not realize you can use the same process to work with papers. I thought all those black shapes were just boring stamps! Now I'll have another whole category of stuff to look out for and play with.

I think this also answers the question of how to work with templates. I only have collected a few of those and was a bit confused by all the separate pieces. On various blogs I would see a designer show a template, then many people use it with different papers, so I'm guessing they apply a clipping mask to each of those shapes.

I can see I'm going to be busy today smiley

ty 4 the tutorial

Just tried this and my pse 15 wont do it the way thats stated so imma have to look up a how too smh

Thank you for this tutorial. This is so easy to do. smiley

I sure do appreciate your tutorials! You can teach the same lesson in two minutes that other folks think they need 15 for!!

Thanks Catherine!

Great tutorial! This is a method I struggle with. Very clear instructions. Thank you!