Using Templates: Texture Overlays, video

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Thank you for sharing this video! And it is a lot more easier and effective to learn to know how you do it. I am gonna try it!

Thank you for the tutorial smiley

gracias por el tutorial

I am learning so much from your tutorials. This is exactly what I wanted to learn to do. These tutorials are completely amazing and easy to follow.

Thanks for sharing, Its cool to learn something new smiley

With your explanations everything's becoming more easy smiley Thank you!

So helpful, thanks smiley

I really enjoy your tutorials. I have only being doing this for 8 days now and your tutorials have already taught me so much!

thank you - I'll be able to distress all kinds of things using this really cool trick

Thank you

Thanks! Ive been wondering how to do this smiley

Thank you so much not only for the tuts but for your patience us newbies as well, Thank you

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing, it simplifies things for lots of other creative people who are not necessarily technologically inclined. You make it so simple even us blondes can understand it!

Thank you! So simple, yet so useful.

This helps SO MUCH! I was purchasing I can do it myself! Thanks so much!

Very useful, thanks!

many thanks..:) useful:)

This is very cool tutorial. I definitely need to experiment more with textures in my designs.

This was super helpful. Thanks!

I can't wait to try this!! I am blown away by the generosity on this site in sharing tips and tricks. I have fiddled around for hours in Photoshop trying to figure out how to change colors on textures, but never tried locking the layer. Thanks so much for sharing!

I have recently stumbled upon this website while looking for tutorials for PSE. Thanks for sharing this. I had to copy the link over to YouTube so I could watch it full screen smiley

Thank you for the lesson!)))

Thank you so much for this!! I am looking forward to trying it out

Very interesting, I'll give it a try, thank you

Thank you for sharing. smiley

Wonderful video, thanks. Now, I train and train.

Translated by: Google translator.

I didn't know that...

Thank you so much. This is so helpful. smiley