Using Templates: Texture Overlays, video

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thank u

So simple thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I will try this.

thank you for this tutorial !

So are textures and overlays basically the same thing? Can you use an overlay and a texture together?

@Kim: Textures and overlays aren't really an exact description. Textures are usually a bit more straight forward, an overlay really just means anything you can put on top of something I guess. So it could be a texture, or it could be a pattern. Either way, using them together is always a great idea!

Thanks Marisa! Does anybody who is familiar with PSE know how to use both texture and overlay together?

WOW thank you for making such an easy to understand video on overlays. I am kinda new at using overlays and templates.

Yet another thing that is so much easier than what I was doing. Thank you so much.

Oh my! I don't know why I have not taken the time before to learn how to do this. thank you for the tutorial.

Thank you!

I have a really old version of PS and it doesn't allow me to work on the locked layer unless I unlock it. Otherwise, great tut!

TY for the awesome tip how to do what I've been trying to achieve for so long!!!!!