Beginner/Template Challenge - Flowers

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Beginner/Template Challenge - Flowers

Some people are sort of anti-flower, but personally I can't get enough of them. Your challenge this week is to make some sort of flower element template. Good luck!

Perfect! I created a flower design this morning! smiley

maybe I'll try and extract one I've already photographed... hmmm...

Hi Everyone, My first ever attempt at designing. Loved it.
Flower Paper Template
Hope I am doing this image upload thing correctly? smiley

Here's my snowflake flower template sample!

The blue flake and the center button are flat color for you to colorize to your choosing.
The center flake is glitter in the template.

Download .psd file.

Here is my flower template and a flower I made using it.


PSD File Download

@Chickie Cute one! Thank you.

I made this tape/paper strip flower using Marisa's tape strip templates for an upcoming blog hop. Turned it into a layered .psd template this morning. Inner shadows included but can always be edited or removed as you like. On my blog. smiley

@Amanda: Fun use of the washi tape!

@Amanda Super cute! I love that little bit of glitter.

Thanks. smiley

I have tried this one - hope you enjoy. You can download the template and the sample one I made on my blog

@Anita, very cute!

Thanks Kim!

Great flowers ladies!
I made a couple doodled flowers (cu okay) & you can find them on my blog.

Thanks Bre, love the doodles!

Your welcome! Thank you smiley

here are mine i hope i did not upload this already in the place lol can dl on my blog

Great templates everyone....

@Bre: I am IN LOVE with your doodle flowers!!

Thanks Shelia!

@Joyce Thank you, love the pearl string in your flower. Lovely.

hi your very welcome glad u liked it. smiley

That was fun! Everyone has such great templates! Thank you so much for the challenge and all the freebies!

Here's mine and you can download it on my new blog.

Hello alltogether,

love the idea to use templates for flowers, so I tried one too.

Here is an example of fillment

and here the link to download if you want (CU ok).


Beautiful templates and flowers .... a beautiful sight to someone who is still looking at piles of snow smiley

Love this. Thanks

hi love them all great job ladies thank u

loving the flowers to do one myself

@Amanda your dropbox link on your blog says it has been removed