Beginner/Template Challenge - Polka Dots

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Beginner/Template Challenge - Polka Dots

I had a request for a more simple challenge geared towards beginners.

I'd like a more beginner based challenge. I love everything I find on the site, but there are times when I wish I could create that perfect paper, or element. Something simple ( as in we could learn to do it from tuts or YouTube) - open to beginner designers- best plaid paper, 5 overlays, etc. I think it would encourage more users to come contributers, by encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone a bit.

So let's give this a try. If you're more experienced, feel free to make a template pack or use the prompt as inspiration in some other way.

This week the challenge is to make a polka dot overlay. I have a tutorial here, although I'm not sure that's the best way for everyone, so leave a comment below if you find another helpful tutorial. Good luck!

I smiley this one Marisa!

What a fabulous way to help anyone just learning. I sure wish I had something like this back when I
was first trying to figure out Photoshop on my own.

I first figured out how to load brushes, styles, etc and then set it aside for months because I didn't
know how to use them and had no idea how to even start a project....LOL!

Thanks so much for finding a way to help the beginners. I'm sure it is greatly appreciated. smiley

I'm in for these kind of challenges! I had been playing around with polka dots and even trying shadowing to make it like a swiss dot embossed paper. That hasn't worked out yet with using the offset! I had found this video helpful. It is for PSE, but if you follow the link in the edit part of Marisa's video it explains this way for Photoshop.

I made a couple CU Polka dot pattern templates.. they are available on my blog.

These are really nice, you did an excellent job, thank you for sharing! smiley

Thank you & your welcome!

Oh exciting! What a great idea. I sometimes feel really overwhelmed trying to put together big kits and designer challenges. Love the idea of mastering the basics through these challenges! I shall work on this tomorrow.
Thanks Marisa!

I will see what I can come up with Marsia. I will get some done this weekend.

I will try that I can do

I've started playing around trying some designs! This will be a great way for me to push myself! Sweet smiley

Was so much fun doing this! Learned all kinds of cool stuff!!

And then I played with it a smidge and decided to share that as well ;D

You can download them HERE on my Blog!
(Well, that's what I hope anyway! Let me know if anything goes wrong, first time with DropBox!)

Bre - Love those!

I made a set and included both the plain .png and textured .jpg overlays. They're on my blog. smiley


Here is my little experiment with Polka Dots! I included the colour palette in the download incase anyone wanted to make a kit out of it! They are cute and fun colours.
I experimented with layering, grouping and distribution on this one. Fantastic idea to do a simple challenge for beginners!

CLICK HERE to go to my blog for download links

@Amanda - love your templates! I did some layering in my paper set I made for this challenge - but the ones you have in your templates are so neat & tidy - mine looked a little messy. I shall certainly be using your templates in some of my scrapbooking pages. Thanks for sharing.

as the pictures are loading

Really nice templates everyone smiley

Loved learning something to help me out as I'm becoming a hobbyist designer! I'm sharing the download for these 4 papers and 4 transparent overlays on my blog.

lovly creations everyone smiley

I love dots! I made a few patterns that you can grab from my blog tomorrow. The samples are not included but I wanted to show them in use.

You can download my mini kit on my blog Sunshine Inspired Designs. It includes 6 digital papers and 6 Overlays.

Polka dot overlay paper set by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr