Color Swatch Kit

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Color Swatch Kit

How about this swatch for a minikit? Love to see what you come up with.

Pretty swatch & Kit Bina!

You may know the deer's mother smiley

This is a very pretty swatch. I smiley those colors!

Lol @Bina....why yes I think I do smiley I am hoping to squeeze at least a mini kit out for this! It might be January tho.

Great colors! Thank you.

Very nice, Robin. smiley Nice and classy.

Thank you Amanda. So strange when someone give me a challenge I can knock it out. But sitting without direction my brain is fried-- does nothing. It's like my creativity needs a jump start then I'm on my way. Grateful for these challenges.

Jessica: smiley
Robin: Many thanks for playing along, Robin, with such a beautiful kit! It looks fantastic smiley

I found this swatch looking for winter colors but they can be used for any season.

updated --needed something. smiley

Adorable additions, Robin! smiley

Your kit is so cute, Robin and the snowman smiley

Thank you Gonda!

Love these Robin & Bina!!
And Bina thank you so much for sharing your kit!! smiley

I'm working on something too! But I just started today. Slacker.

Thanks for sharing your lovely mini kit, Bina!

Thanks for sharing Bina