CU Blog Train - January 2018

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CU Blog Train - January 2018

Sorry for the short notice on this one, but it's a fairly easy theme, so we should be all right.

For our CU blog train, the idea is quality over quantity, and all commercial-use allowed. For each month, you'll make 1-3 items that fit the theme, using a standardized palette, and share them on your blog as a freebie on the 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for at least two weeks.

I'm changing our palette for 2018 from a super-muted neutral one to one with more colors (many people have mentioned the lack of a red in the old one, for example) which will, I think, show off the items to better effect. The image version is located here, and you can download a ZIP with the ACO and ASE files for Photoshop and Illustrator here.

The January CU blog train theme is Valentine's Day; we're doing this a month ahead so that designers who wish to use items in this year's Valentine's kits for sale have the opportunity to do so.

hmmm, I'll have to see the palette but I've got a couple ideas - how well they'll translate though from mind to photoshop.... we'll see. smiley

Yay, rainbow!!!!!!

Yes, Rose...the old one was SOOO muted and some people went off-palette a few times because the super-muted one didn't have colors that made (for example) a hamburger template look attractive (I think she complained it looked moldy in the muted palette!)

With a rainbow plus neutrals, we should have the ability to put enough color into any layered templates to make them look attractive...and there's a neutral grey if you simply want to offer grayscale contributions, as well.

Lol @ the hamburger! Yes, I can see how that would be a problem! I really like this one. Thanks for your hard work. I'm partial to rainbows, and I've said that I'm going to make more inclusive/LGBTQ kits this year, so a rainbow palette is super helpful in a lot of ways.

It's funny, isn't it, how many people with mobility issues and chronic illnesses like cheerful, bold palettes? smiley (Personally, I'd prefer it even brighter, but there's a happy medium to strike with other designers, too!)

I hadn't noticed it as a trend amongst the disability/chronic illness community, but then again I don't know an awful lot of people in that community who I'd have a chance to talk about colors with. But it's certainly true for me and I know you've mentioned it.

Here's mine! I just decided to go with something simple that everyone can use. You'll be able to get these as transparent overlays, regular papers, or seamless patterns on my blog.

This is available on the Rush Ranch blog:

Very pretty, Sunny!

Love the new palette, Holly! I found that the old one was quite depressing!

I love the new palette Holly! It certainly is a bit more fun for the eyes smiley

I'm running a bit late this month, but I've finally managed to get mine posted and it's still the 15th for a few more hours at least... smiley

Click to go to my blog and grab your own copy!

Thank you!

I'm a bit late, but I hope it's ok to post this here and now: (click image to go to my blog and grab them.)

Tx Holly, this was fun!

Of course it's okay to post them, Cintia... you know this community well enough to know that we're not going to refuse late contributions. Life happens--sometimes you just don't see the post, sometimes someone gets sick or you have a vacation scheduled or whatever. Join in as and when you can!

Thank you Holly! smiley

Thank you all ladies, these are all so lovely!

Thank you. These are great!