Designer Challenge - Autumn Journal Cards/Templates

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Designer Challenge - Autumn Journal Cards/Templates

For this challenge, I'd like you to make some autumn-themed journal cards or journal card templates. Palette is your choice, but I'd like you to make:

  • (4) 3"x4" journal cards (and horizontal variations if your design doesn't work as a horizontal card due to text or a sideways scarecrow or something); and
  • (4) 4"x6" journal cards (vertical 4x6 pockets are rarer, but sometimes someone will turn a template sideways)
  • If you want to do more, you could also make some 4"x4" cards as a bonus.

They can be 2 differently-sized sets of the same 4 card layouts, but I encourage you to create at least some of your 4"x6" cards as a variation on the 3"x4" rather than simply being a version with a different size/aspect ratio. Here's an example of what I mean from my shop; see how they're similar in layout, clearly related cards, but not exactly the same? It makes for more interesting pages.


Yay!! love this idea!!

Download HERE

Beautiful! Thank you!

Elizabeth - those are gorgeous & will get much use by this New Englander. Thank you!!

So lovely, Elizabeth!