Designer Challenge - Basic Stash Building Kit

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Designer Challenge - Basic Stash Building Kit

I know I often get caught up in making kits, that I forget it can be nice to have some basics. Something like simple-neutral papers, classic buttons, staple/clips, reusable tags. Do you know what I mean? Looking forward to what you come up with!

This sounds like fun as well as a great test of our designing abilities, can't hide behind our design smiley

I like...
a couple of clipping masks for making edging based on the style of the kit so we can use them with the papers in the kit
leaves - they are great fillers
something with sparkle - only needs to be one or 2 things, but sometimes it makes all the difference in a layout
buttons - used as brads, center of flowers - many different uses - very versatile
some big flowers like a mum or daisy that can be used a space filler
scatter/paint splatter - makes a great base for a layout
twine - adds some interest, can be used to hang things from or join things
straight and some sort of textured ribbon (twisted, folded, etc) - lots and lots of uses
Some interesting yet simple frames such as edging for photos with texture, or a simple frame to give a base to cluster around and on.

Oooh I already have something in mind. smiley

Here is mine. I tried to make the colors neutral so they can go with a lot of things, also, I did my best to make my elements in a way that a lot of them could be used as clipping masks as well.

You can download it here

Great little kit, Kerry. Thanks!

Wow Kerry! So nice.

Here is my little kit ... Butterscotch Dreams. I included a paper just for the boys called dirty handprints just like the prints left on my walls after my two boys had been in the house for about 10 minutes when they were young. Most of the decorative elements should be easy to recolour as well.

Cotton Arts Boutique

Susan, I love it! Thank you! smiley

Lovely kits so far!

I've never attempted to make something. I tried and did it from scratch. I used Elements 12 but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. I know the "kit" is small but I was only playing around because I was testing my new Elements.
Any help will be appreciated.

Looks nice Bianca! It's a nice thing about Pixel Scrapper, any level of experience can play along smiley

Here's mine:

It's here in my BLOG

When I read the directions, I thought of a "blank canvas"

I don't have a link as of yet, but I'm working on setting up a blog and will link all my mini kits when it's ready.

Love this kit! Thanks for sharing it smiley

Erin, So happy to hear you're going to post links for your mini kit!!! Thank you so much!!!

Karen, I love this little collection. It is simple, beautiful and classic

I made this lil kit after many years of not playing with my psp. Hope someone can use something in it.[url][/url]
you can download it here

I adore all these kits!! Congratulations!

@Bianca.. loved your small nature kit! Brava

hi n ur welcome smiley