Designer Challenge: BINGO

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Designer Challenge: BINGO

For this challenge, we are going to play BINGO. Pick a row (horizontal, diagonal, vertical) and interpret the prompts into a mini kit! Post the kit preview in here so we can see what you create and don't forget to let us know what prompts you chose.

Your kit is yours to do with as you please (share on commons, free from your blog, or for sale).

Thanks in advance for participating.

I found this challenge in the archives from 5 years ago and thought I'd revive it. Let me know what you think.

I think this will be fun smiley .
But just one question: what means the star in the middle? Must I use a star or is it a joker and I can make whatever I like? Sorry, I'm not familiar with bingo ...

@Gonda ~ I could be wrong but usually its considered a wild card so you can add something of your own choosing. But Gina would need to confirm. smiley

Hey Gonda,

Thanks for asking. The star is, as Jessica said, "a wild card so you can add something of your own choosing".

Thanks Jessica and Gina, I was not sure, but that was I thought first.