Designer Challenge - Border Templates Due 1/25

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Designer Challenge - Border Templates Due 1/25

For this challenge I want you to make 5 fun border templates. Borders are very fun to play with and if you need some inspiration you can see what our designers created in this search.

I can't wait to see what you all will create.

I'm going to guess that's supposed to be 1/25 and not due in November? smiley

smiley that's correct it is 1/25. fixed it!

Ania, it's always so helpful when you put that "inspiration" link in your challenge post! Thank you.

oh, I'm glad that helps SUnny. from now on I'll do my best to add the link to the inspiration smiley

I just learned how to create png overlay borders. Thanks Ania for the great exercise! A Beautiful Mess! You may download them for a limited time. Here are my borders....

Those are lovely, Sharon!

Thank you so much, Faith.

Great Work Sharon!! They are really fun to play with!!
I am gonna join too!! Yay. .

Ooh- fun! Sharon, yours are beautiful! I'll be back with some!

OK- here are mine! On my BLOG on Jan. 25!

Laurel, I LOVE your borders. Very, very NICE!
Yay Krissy, your going to join. That's terrific!

Here are my borders, which can be downloaded from my dropbox.

Faith! Your borders are BEAUTIFUL! I will download them immediately. Great for CU stash.

LOVE. LOVE, LOVE! All your borders are amazing. Ladies, you are doing such a great job!

I went with layered border templates rather than paper edge overlays, and might have gone a little overboard...but I'll have stuff to add to the backlog of things to get packed up and put into the shop. (I seriously need to find an assistant to QC and package things at this point--I've got like 20 packs to get through QC and upload.)

There will also be a blog freebie pack when these go in the shop.

Wow, Holly, you had lots of fun with these - so many cool shapes! There are some cool shapes that I never would have thought if.......loving it. smiley

Wowwwww!!! All of you are making so much impressive borders!!
I am feeling very shy to post mine. They are not as good as yours!!

These are templates so can be used color balance adjustment in PS to colorize. If you try layer style then use color overlay option to choose your color, then change the layer mode to soft light and you're done!!

Wow Holly those are beautiful!!! You are an exceptional designer.

Holly!! Love your unusual borders very much!!

I'm not exceptional, guys. Designers like Kimeric Kreations and Kristmess Designs make things that inspire me. Take a look at the borders they make as add-on packs to their kits and you'll see what I mean. There are a couple of examples here and here and here--their base layers are curves similar to what I've created, then they've got kit elements clustered on top (I've put X's for rough locations).

Also, I've got my packs added to the shop, and the freebie pack looks like this. Click to go grab it!

Don't be shy about posting your work, Krissy! I love your shapes and can't wait to try a few! These will work wonderfully with my clusters.

Krissy, I am not sure what you are talking about, your borders are stunning! I look forward to using them. smiley

okay I am still new to the designing things, but I am trying my hand at thisthere are only 3...also, I am on google drive and can share the links, but not sure if they preview. I am sure there is a tutorial for this, I will look into that next smiley

Please let me know what you think! smiley

Hi Gina! I'll take a look at them. Thank you for participating. For me, when I post an image, I use it's free. Then when you upload your preview, you can copy the link they provide into a post here. When you are on a post at PS, look at the little image that has the yellow background with the sun and mountains icon. Click on that, then it will ask you for a link that is where Photobucket comes in and you copy their link. I hope that I explained it well. If not, please let me know. smiley

Gina! Your borders are terrific! You did marvelous work. Thank you so much for sharing. smiley

thanks Sharon...I think i could do the same thing on google drive...will have to check, if not will be looking into Photobucket! glad you liked them

Krissy, you've got nothing to be ashamed of there--you're just doing a different border style than the others did. They look great, and will work well.

Gina, I'm glad to not be the only one doing curved borders for this--yours look wonderful!

I'm usually impressed with the variety of interpretations every time we do a designer challenge like this, and this time is no exception. Well done, ladies!!

thanks Holly! yours, per usual, are WONDERFUL!
Krissy, I really like yours as well, I would totally use most of them...but never would have thought to try to make something like them! I can't wait to play them


OMG!! Gina, Holly, Sharon, Sunny-- I am grateful to you all. I was shy because mine looks like kinda paisley borders more than a funky scrapbooking border. This happened because I haven't did any search before creating!! So I thought anybody won't like it!!
But you all have made my day dear friends!!

Holly, again your borders are top of the list!! Gonna get the 2nd set now!! Btw, how you've made them?? In photoshop are those made with shapes and layer style?? Or extracted or hand drawn?? I love the flowers and swirls soooooo much!!

Gina, unfortunately can't see your picture here but I have downloaded them all and they are terrific!! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful talent!!

They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!