Designer Challenge - Brought to You by the Letter A

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Designer Challenge - Brought to You by the Letter A

This week is brought to you by the letter A. Here's your assignment for this week:

Your mini kit should include 10 papers and 20 elements. Use the following prompts in your designing:

  • something awesome
  • something argyle
  • something antique
  • something arty
  • something amethyst

Good luck!

Should be interesting!

Hmmm.. you have peeked my interest.. I will have to see what I can come up with.

I'm definitely going to try...

I'm stuck on the "awesome" part. haha I figured out awesome and think my Family Tree I made is awesome. I even learned a new technique on how to make the leaves look like they are folded. If anyone else is interrested in learning this technique the tutorial I watched is here.

something awesome - My Family Tree
something argyle - Paper
something antique - Pocket watch
something arty - Paint splat...that's aout as "arty" as I can get.
something amethyst - My colors are browns and amethyst.

Dropbox: Download

Very nice Karry - your family tree is AWESOME!!

love the colorcombi, great kit , thank you

Love the colors!!


Karry, Your kit is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!

Here is my little 'A' kit ....Lilac memories ....memories because they are photos from my old garden
something awesome: the lilacs in my old garden
something argyle: paper
something antique: lace I created from an antique title line
something arty: marble paper
something amethyst: my old lilac hedge

Cotton Arts Boutique

Here's mine...

You can download it on my blog.

Karry, Thank you so much! I love this kit!!!

Susan, Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower!! I only get a handful of blooms each year, nothing like your gorgeous photo! Thank you!!

Anne ... thank you ... I love sharing my flowers smiley .... we sold the house and moved into the city in 2012 and I sure do miss those lilacs.