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Designer Challenge - Design Idea

Your challenge this week is to include raindrops as a design element in your mini kit. I'd love to see the idea of raindrops interpreted beyond the usual raindrop shape. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Your mini kit should include only 5 papers and 15 elements.

Download here

Download here

Amara...I love the cluster on your preview. If that's not one piece I'm going to have to try and copy it. Lovely kit.

Here is mine smiley This one was hard trying to some up with so many elements for some reason.

[There is a spelling error in my poem on my preview but I have fixed the element in the kit so the actual object is correct smiley]

You can download it here

Amara - Your kit is adorable!
Karry - I love your theme.. great job!

@Karry - Yes smiley The cluster is included (with drop shadows and with none). I'm glad you like it smiley Enjoy!

@Karry: Your kit is super cute smiley I'll have to see what layout I can use it for smiley

Karry! I love your kit - you are so creative!!

great kits, ladies! thank you!

Thank you, Amara and Karry. Both of you do such a nice job with your kits.

Great kit ideas ... thank you both smiley

Had some fun with this one here is what i created

you can don load it Here

Debra-I love the paisley raindrops paper! Thanks for making it CU!
Amara-Your kit is really cute! I love the underwater creatures. Thank you!
Karry-Thank you for your kit! I really like the color palette and theme you chose.

These are all really great an unexpected raindrop experience.

Very sweet kit....thank you!

Very cute idea here...thank you1

Cute kit! Thank you!

The designers here are so TALENTED! I had to go out and buy a 128GB flash just to be able to grab the things I like! Amara and Karry... cute cute cute!

beautiful kits and ideas ladies

Amara, adorable kit!

Beautiful contributions everyone smiley

Love these kits!!! Such great ideas! Thank you!!!

Here's mine...

You can get it here.

These are all fabulous! Thank you all smiley

Oh what great kits and ideas everyone has! I love them all! My first instinct was Noah s ark! Thanks to everyone for sharing and helping me get my first pages going.

Oh...Noah's Ark would have been great! Go make it!! hahah What a great idea...and out of the box.

Here's mine .... Splish Splash !! .... I have one raindrop paper and the rubber ducky boots ... the ducks have a puddle background .... this little kit was sooo much fun to do. You can pick it up on my blog here:

Susan, love the Splish Splash kit!!!
Hope to see the Noah's Ark kit also >weg<

Thank you Shirley .... I loved working with that duck ... Noah's ark .... lots of animals two by two ... that will be cool

Debra ... love that bathtub and the paisley paper ... the rain drop frame ... the ... I love it all lol

Amara ... you have a turtle, you have a turtle ... I collect turtles ... very cute kit