Designer Challenge - Fall Inspired Mini Kit Due by 10/7

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Designer Challenge - Fall Inspired Mini Kit Due by 10/7

I know there are plenty fall kits out there, so I thought about making a fall inspired mini kt, for example if fall makes you think about hot chocolate make it your main theme, if it makes you about rain - make the rain your main topic. Whatever comes to your mind - make it your main topic. Don't limit yourself to creating a mini kit with fall leaves and pumpkins. Deadline for this challenge is October 7th, 2015.

here are some fall inspired ideas:
pumpkin patch
apple picking
playing in leaves
apple or pumpkin pie
You will find much more ideas in these google search for fall bucket list

This challenge is to create mini kit called Fall Inspired Mini Kit

- create 7 papers (2 solids and 5 patterns)
- about 20 elements (12 theme oriented 8 generic)
- 10 word art pieces (all theme oriented)
- use this color palette


As always if you feel inspired you can create more smiley

Oh and if you have ideas for fun challenges please leave them in the Designer Challenge Ideas so Marisa and I can use them as an inspiration.

That's seriously like my ideal color palette. I wish my whole home were decorated in those colors!

Love the colours and the theme, so I am working at this challenge .

I just love this palette as well, and just can't wait to see what you create.

Have worked on mine all day and finished it tonight. Will get it uploaded and posted tomorrow. Loved this palette!!

You can find this HERE on my blog

These are awesome Dawn. great job on the Word Art.

Great kit Dawn....really appreciate the quality you put into a freebie kit! smiley smiley smiley

This is awesome Dawn..I also love the word arts the most..GREAT JOB!! smiley

I am working on my kit..Hope to upload it soon..

Totally love what you made , Dawn , can't wait what you are up too, Sherry ,
and working on this one myself too.

@ Dawn: I love it! Downloading right now!

Ok, so... I didn't follow the rules "per se" smiley But I did use the color pallete on my participation at the NDC round 3 at The Studio:

Also, if any of you nice people like my kit and thinks it's worth it, would you consider voting for me? smiley

Cintia, very pretty. smiley I like it. Those colors do look great together.

Cintia , I love what you made , the colours work really wel together.

Thank you girls, I like how it turned out too! smiley

@Cintia, love your kit!! I followed your link to vote for it, but I guess I'm blind, I couldn't see anywhere to cast my vote. If you'll let me know I will gladly vote smiley

I love your kit very much Cintia..Your colors are really perfect for a calm Autumn evening..I would also glad to vote for you.. smiley

My kit for this challenge is here..I have tried to follow the color palette but my papers are little bright but you always can tweak the visibility..The word arts are in PSD. so you can modify them.. smiley
DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio

@ Sherry: Your kit is so lovely! Those animals are too cute! smiley
Thank you Dawn and Sherry and everyone who is considering voting for me ( I am so glad! smiley ) The voting didn't start yet because people are still posting their kits. When the voting starts, it will be somewhere HERE Now if you are into pocket scrapbooking; you should check the round 3 gallery because that's what this round is about and people have until tomorrow 7 a.m. (EST) to post the kits for download in the gallery HERE

Just gorgeous. Love the little kids.

Wonderful kits! thank you, ladies.Have just downloaded yours, Sherry & Dawn, am on the way over to your place to get yours & Cintia's!
Its a great pity and a big shame on me that I don't seem to have time to do anything else after school but to download...and download ... and download... smiley !!!