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Hi everyone!
These are the frames I made...hope you will like it!

**Sincere apologies to everyone... smiley too late I saw the number of frames to be bad... smiley

You girls are all freaking amazing! I really need to step up my game! Thanks for all the fun new frames!!! Can't wait to use them!

Chitra - I love the glitter frames!!!

Thank you, Deb! I'm so glad you like them...would you like some more glitter frames? Seriously?

Chitra, ou are welcome to make more glitter frames, I'm sure members of our community will love it. Great ideas for frames.

Chitra - that would be so great! Thank you for being so kind!! I'm excited to see what you come up with! smiley

I'm not entirely certain this meets the challenge requirements...I can delete this if it doesn't.
MamaGoose_Months of the Year_Photo Frames

Deb, I hope you like these...and can use them somewhere...sizes will can resize them and use them however / for whatever... smiley

*NOTE* The colours don't seem to be 'popping' in the preview...but they are pretty...maybe because I made them smaller in the preview...??

Oh, Chitra! Those are beautiful! Thank you!!!

Offer voided

Great frames, ladies!

OH, Mama Goose these are beautiful. They add just a little without overwhelming the photo. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Kappy! I love that yours are layered so they can be matched to any layout!!! That's what I understood a template to be also... smiley

I'm glad I wasn't alone in the understanding department. I love it when I get a template that still has layers so I decided to give what I like to get. I don't have Photoshop but the program I use will save files in their format.

Kappy , they are great , thank you .

Trudette, You're welcome.

Great frames ladies... I l have to get my thinking cap on and create some too! smiley

Kappy! Your frames are beautiful! So creative!

Kappy and Chitra--both your frames are awesome..
Chitra, your colors are looking beautiful in preview..there's no problem at all.. smiley
Kappy, i agree with you..templates should have the advantages of modifying by anyone..Though while creating and uploading my frames i forgot this truth.. smiley
Deb-- I am just surprised to see your imagination..Why didn't i think before that frame templates also means doodle frames like you..These are unique.. smiley

Thank you, nice to be appreciated! smiley
@Deb- I agree with Sherry---they are unique!

Thank you Liza

Thank you Sherry.

Thank you Sherry and Chitra! I don't use many "traditional" frames in scrapbooking, but I do love the look of a fun doodle type overlay to frame a picture. Plus, I've always been one to kind of do my own thing...most of the time it gets me in trouble though. smiley

Oh! didn't see this post smiley Your frames are super Deb!

No worries!! Thanks, Liza!!

Love the frames, Chitra!

Finally had time to put something together..

Here are my contributions to the frames... hope you like them smiley

You can download from here: Pixel Palette Frames

Wow these frames are just the best Judy..I love the flowery touch on each frame..Reminds me about Victorian or Country frames.. smiley

Judy, thanks , your frames are beautiful !

Thanks so much, Trudette and Sherry...
I am so glad you like them!

This is the first time I'm trying this...
I used papers from my previous (mosty Pixel scrapper) blogtrains and here's the result... you can download it on Mediafire or on my blog
Dea's designs