Designer Challenge - Frames Templates

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Good Job Andrea..I love that dotted frame very much.. smiley

Judy, I love your frames...thank you!

Judy, I love the frames. Thanks!

So many wonderful frames ladies smiley

So glad you like them... thank you Chitra!

Thanks Kathryn... glad you like them, hope you can use some..

Wonderful work all of you smiley

Hi everyone!

Here are some chipboard frames I made. This is the first time I'm designing something, hope you all like it!

You can download the frames on my blog.

You're frames are lovely, Fiona !
Thank you.

Great frames Fiona.

Thank you Trudette and Ania. Glad you guys like them.

These are superb Fiona.. smiley

Love your frames Fiona, thank you for sharing smiley

By chance I was uploading some frames on my blog so thought to share it here.. smiley
Download at my blog-- Creative Mind's Studio

Thanks for sharing Sherry, this are great.

Love your frames , Sherry !

Thanks Ania and Trudette..

these are stunning.. I love them..

These are stunning.. I'm looking at your Deviant Art site too..

i adore these.. the are so detailed and stunning.. i've not seen many other frames like this

Trish, thank you very much!! smiley

I'm still working on getting a bunch of stuff ready to post in the shop, but here's the first of the frames I've done... painted with no references in ArtRage, so you can imagine the time and detail work needed for these!

I'm still hoping to get my ribbons posted tomorrow, but I've also done 8(?!) different sets of journal card templates this week--averaging 8-10 individual designs per set, with most in both 4x3 vertical and 4x6, and some with 4x3 horizontal layouts as well. Not sure where that came from, but I'm now swimming in journal card templates ranging from super-simple to "holy clustering, Batman!", and they need to get examples and previews made with them soon so I can get them posted to the shop. There are more frames in the queue, as well, if I can manage not to get sick.

Holly . these frames are awesome !

Frames are my favorite element! Will post some soon smiley)

Great frames Holly. You are on a roll.

Fabulous contributions everyone! Sorry I never got back to this, life got in the way.

Michelle this challenge is open so you can join in any time smiley

Oh awesome, I thought there was a time limit

Michelle if there is no due date that means that the challenge is open smiley

Thanks, Fiona...these are really cool!