Designer Challenge - Frames Templates

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Hi Holly! Just saw these....lovely.!

Beautiful Vanessa!

Thank you

Great job Venessa!!!

These look great Vanessa.

Download here.

These are such a cute frames Amanada

Fiona, these are superb! Thank you!

You can download my frames from my Dropbox, HERE

These are great Sunny

Well, I made the mistake of not reading CLEARLY, that these were supposed to be TEMPLATES, not just the finished product. Sorry folks.

Lovely, Thank you Sunny!

Beautiful frames Sunny! Thanks.

Great frames Sunny!! I would love to add some frames as well!!

Hello, here are 18 hand drawn doodle frames. You can download it at my DA page for free. Link is at the right side of page.
Download Here--

Thanks, Krissy, very nice frames!

Oh! Thanks everyone else as well! I just looked back and discovered a bunch of frames I didn't see earlier!

These are very cool Krissy!

So many wonderful frames from all the designers! Here are some I made and these are the first frames for me. Have lots of other ideas for them but lack of time.... smiley

Can get them here.

And the second set....

Can get them here.

Love them! Thanks for sharing

These look great Libby!

I made a few more frames for this challenge. They can be downloaded from my Dropbox account here

Great frames, ladies!

These are great Sunny!

Thank you. These are cool.

These 10 frame templates are CU friendly.

Available from my blog