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Designer Challenge Ideas

If you have any ideas for future designer challenges, let us know!

Here are a few I moved over from a different thread:


  • Vintage i.e. for a family tree/history
  • Camping/hiking
  • Road trip/auto trips
  • kit based on movies for example: Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Coraline. Alice has some great features and colors to design.
  • kit based on childrens books with no copyright anymore, so I am talking about old books like Peter Rabbit.
  • kit based on vintage or '50 or maybe another year maybe flower power
  • kit based on food, recipes, cookbooks
  • kit based on native american patterns or folklore or Mexican or maybe asian patterns
  • Kit based on countries
  • kit based on Jugendstill/art deco patterns
  • kit based on animals or one particular with a color palette or something
  • kit based on music
  • kit based on flowers
  • kit based on art with doodling and maybe pencils, tassels, paint, different kinds of textured papers
  • kit based on fairytales
  • kit based on the sea
  • kit based on traveling
  • kit based on butterflies and insects maybe ladybugs, bubblebees etc.
  • seasonal kits with a color palette
  • steampunk

Have a color palette and each person create ONE item to be combined with the others for a kit - with or without a theme in mind

I really like the designer series going on right now. I think that would be fun to do again, but have everyone follow a theme. Maybe during summer have everyone follow along to design a kit with a summer theme palette that everyone uses. It is really fun to have the kit challenges broken up into parts so that you can take steps and not be overwhelmed.

I also think a challenge that involves taking a few of the tutorials and the challenge being to use all the techniques learned from the tutorials to make a matching set of CU elements or something like that.

Sorry, I am tired and things are coming out really gobbled.

-traditional quilting patterns, either as page templates or as 3x3 journal cards that can then be mix/matched with frames into a pocket layout for a unique page?
-pizza night-everyone make one solid/one pattern paper, a pizza topping, and another element, then everything gets combined into a kit
-local/ethnic food specialty minikit (BBQ brisket, hot dish, beer-n-brats, lobster roll, po'boys, muffuletta, deep dish pizza, New England boiled dinner, corned beef/cabbage, pierogies, borshch, kung pao chicken, vindaloo, etc.). Require including 3x5/4x6 recipe card to go with it. Could potentially be redone in appetizer/side dish/dessert rounds if everyone likes it enough.

...and please, please, PLEASE, revisit Pass the Kit! It looks like such a fun concept, and I wasn't here yet when that was going on!

Ladies great ideas.

Holly you made me drool when I read pierogis and borsch - I'm Polish and this are traditional dishes in my country I miss them here in states though.

I used to work for a Ukrainian lady in her restaurant while I was in college, and I learned to make borscht, vareniki, pelmeni, and a few other traditional Russo-Ukrainian dishes when I helped out in the kitchen. Every now and again I'll make myself a batch at home, though it's been a while. (Maybe I should pick up some beets, I have everything else on hand!)

WOW, that's awesome. I unfortunately never learned to make borsch but I don't think it is to hard.

This could work for either layout or designer challenge: make QPs with a specific kit and post them for download. We all get practice, and everyone gets the option to have a coordinating album.

I'd like to have a kit about a child getting his/her first haircut! smiley

I liked all the subjects!
I also cool about sports, children's toys, pets, hobbies, racing cars, garden, super heroes (protecting the copyright of course), parents and children, anomatopeias (think really fun to make fun layouts!), Vintage circus , media, aviation, space ships and aliens, science, shopping, clothes, pajama party, pool party, girls things (hairstyles, nail polish, makeup, high heels, jewelry ...).

Other issues that also appeal to me: martial arts, board games, robots, magic, a kit that represents in our opinion our personality (hope I have managed to write in a correct English what I want to say!).
I was watching a video of a friend who is studying in another country, another continent, where she asked questions of how people saw Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro (city where my friend is original) and I realized that people has different ideas about an unknown place. For example, in Brazil speak Portuguese, but many people think that Brazilians speak Spanish (we can do wordart the local language), the capital of Brazil is Sao Paulo (never was), Rio de Janeiro (it was in the past) or Buenos Aires (which is not in Brazil but is in Argentina), with the use of local important monuments, some of the local culture. Why not do a related kit to the country or city where we live or originate? I know the site has people from many parts of the world. I think that would leave very interesting kits and there would be a great cultural exchange.

Marcela, I love your idea for a kit about your own country. Awesome thought.

wow it seems many ideas are already covered, but I would like to add
Fashion Kits to the idea chain

I absolutely LOVE the idea about creating a kit based on your own country! I live in the UK but I grew up in Australia - to be honest I've already started collecting things I feel are essential to an Australiana kit so I am all for that! ~M x

I love Marcella's idea, and I love the kits based on a movie on Marisa's list, I already even know which movie I will be making mine on smiley ,I would like to also add a few other ideas:

  • Art Nouveau inspiration
  • Geeky culture and fandoms
  • Sci-fi and Futurism


Making a set of various dolls may be-- paper dolls, or vector dolls, or extracted from pictures..
A kit on Country love theme like farms, cartoon animals etc..
A galaxy kit featuring sun, earth, moon, and other planets and some stars including some theme oriented backgrounds etc..
A smiley set containing various expressions..
Making a set of custom ribbions, buntings, and banners..
A mini kit dedicated to birds and sky..
A mini kit based on only flowers, fruits, veggies--in a word a foodie kit..
A challenge to make 20 various retro papers, or grunge papers, or paisley papers..
A kit based on Disney characters..
A challenge to make a Technical kit includes gadgets, electronics and may be futuristic robots too..
A challenge to make a princess kit which will tell a prince/princess life story.. smiley
A set of various borders, overlays, splashes, or glitters..

Knitting/Crocheting/Weaving/general Fiber artsy goodness
Geeky things, like a book series or a show or certain fandom

I like the Knitting/Crocheting/Weaving/general Fiber artsy goodness.

Hello! Next April 24th is the International Book Day, so I thought that it could be an idea to make a layout or a mini kit.

Also, this year is the IV centenary of Miguel de Cervantes (the author of Don Quijote) and Shakespeare's deaths so maybe it could be nice to make a layout with our Shakespeare's favourite book or something "foolish" like Don Quijote...

Thank you!

1. I would like to see something involving ancient cave drawings, hieroglyphics, etc.
2. Something along the lines of Mary Engelbreit.
3. Country Primitive

Thank you for your consideration!

I think it would be fun to do a "featured" Challenger, that 1 or 2 (depending on size and variety) graphic template kits be assigned (or "featured") as a starting point to create a kit using only the items i those featured kits and, if desired, adding things that are entirely your own. This could be helpful for new designers to see how versatile templates can be, with everyone having their own ideas. I think also, this would be best doe without a theme but perhaps the same color palette.

I like the "feature" idea for layout challenges too. That is, choose 1 PS Designer kit for all to us in the challenge. This not only will show different scrapbooking ideas to all scrappers but will also give the designers a chance to see their designs in use. smiley

Oooh, I like it, Rose! I'll look at the schedule and see about doing something with that soon. smiley I was kicking around a similar idea, assigning making a set of seasonal papers from a template pack but picking your own palette...but I like it for elements better, I think.

Thank you,Holly; I''m glad you like the idea. smiley

Monthly sets w various seasonal themes
Pocket Card Sets – maybe coordinated with the regular blog train monthly palette
Quick Pages (single or double)
Template Pages
Clusters – maybe coordinated with the regular blog train monthly palette

Fall Themes
Rain and/or gloomy
Trick or Treat
Gratitude / Thankfulness
Family and Friends
Feasts / Food
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc

Emotion and Mood Themes
Contentment, quietness, serene, peaceful
Excited, wild, crazy, silly
Love, friendship, warmth
Dreamy, fantasy
Grumpy, sad, angry

Pet Themes

Technology Theme
Video games
TV Shows

Sports – viewing and/or participation
Skiing, Ice skating

Friends are the family you choose
Family Tree

Outdoor Activities

Books, reading
Baking, cooking

Letters or Numbers

I hope any of this is a help maybe just as a spring board. This is a very tough job!