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Oh, that's the easy part ... every petal of the flower has two layers - the lower layer is the "whole" petal (f. e. filled with the striped tan color) and the layer on top is an outside border selection of this petal and the filter (or Photoshop style) is only on this layer. So the whole flower is composed of more than 40 layers ...

Gonda, these flowers are gorgeous. Thank you so much for creating them.

Robin there's some wire / metal styles on PS that would work great for creating the metal look.

Thank you, Gina, for the idea and the template. So these flowers are really your "fault" smiley
I will upload a few more to the commons, but for now I reached my upload limit.

I have hosted a lot of pics at tinypic and they are closing. As a result, many (most) of my images will disappear from the forums. I am sorry about that because I cannot replace all of them.

Hi everyone,

I decided to try this challenge, and I wanted to post my flower. Its not as fancy as the lovely designs you have all posted, but I hope its ok.

pinkflower by sjgross0630, on Flickr

@ Susan. Your flower is lovely. I'm loving the soft pink color you chose. Thank you for sharing it here. smiley

@ Gina. Thanks for your kind words, and for this fun challenge!

thank you for the png files, I also use other programs. be right back with mine once created! smiley


took a few goes, to up load smiley
My main graphic programme ewhich I used here, is Inkscape, the png took a bit of converting, I went for delicate pink. 8 layers, one kind of hidden tho!
I learnt that to make a mask makes a lovely delicate lace layer, once you play with opacity.thanks for the challenge.

Thank you for sharing your delicate flower Gill. I'm especially glad that you shared what program you used. I am always interested in what programs others use. I tried Inkscape several years ago but never got the hang of it. smiley

THanks Gina, I hesitated at first, wary of trying to advertise! I used inkscape first of all,years ago, switched to AI (cos it was one time purchase -even that was a second hand one) then back again when AI became unaffordable for me. THere are some things it does better, some things missing. the version just released is more intuitive than ever. Just beginning the scrapbooking thing, but aiming mostly for others to use, since design is my main love. have just bought Rip Studio....what fun smiley

I had not heard of Rip Studio so I googled it. I cannot wait to see what you create with.