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I have hosted a lot of pics at tinypic and they are closing. As a result, many (most) of my images will disappear from the forums. I am sorry about that because I cannot replace all of them.

Maybe because I was working on Cinco de Mayo just before this...

In commons.

@Gina oh that sucks smiley I remember losing loads of images & tags when Fotki, then Photobucket made changes to their free accounts.

Tricia, love that cactus! smiley

@Lisel, it was fun to make. I'm glad you like it. smiley

Tricia I love the cactus!! smiley

I've been looking for tutorials for drawing cacti and you create one from shapes I already have. I am blown away!

I've made a couple of monsters. I've uploaded one to the commons but I've run out of uploads for now so I'll have to come back and add the other one later.

he's here

(can we not do an image location thing from the commons or has my toddler pressed something & changed a setting?)

and here's my second monster

We can preview a kit or layout but not an individual graphic.

I love monsters. Thanks for the inspiration. smiley

ah thanks, Gina. I'd never needed to do it before so didn't know it wasn't the same as the gallery.

I've added my second monster too. In case it matters to anyone, I used the pallete from the december 2020 blog train.

Those colors really work for that fantastic monster.

On a side note, I have no clue what I'm going to make for the November or December blog train. I like to work months in advance but with this pandemic (yes I'm blaming it) I have nothing. smiley

Thanks, Gina!

I’ve also really struggled with November: I have nothing. For December. I’ve got a few random things that don’t go together. Maybe something will come of it. Maybe i’ll just have a bunch of individual items that go with other people’s kits.

I finally decided on a November kit and have a general idea for December.

Ohh!! Well done Gina!

I haven’t even sat down long enough to start photoshop. 🤦‍♀️