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Jill, yes it is too cute! smiley Can I make something from it to distribute in the Commons too? I got an idea! smiley

Unfortunately it's going to be a little while before I can post my kit. I haven't even had a chance to get started on it yet, I've been up to my eyeballs with peoples' tax returns. The income tax deadline here in Canada is April 30 (tonight at midnight) and I just finished up the last batch of clients this morning. So hopefully I'll be able to get started on mine over the next few days.

But for now, I'm going to have a hot cup of earl grey and a slice of carrot cake.... and then a nice long well-deserved nap!




Oh, I love Chinese Cresteds................They are just adorable!!! smiley

Yes of course Tina! I'd love to see anything you come up with!

So cute Shannon! I love how your little pets look like they have googly eyes!

I am loving all the kits I am seeing. smiley Maybe I'll finish mine soon.

@Jill, you may add your kit to your shop. I make no restrictions regarding that.

@Tina, yes you may add it to the commons. That is where I'll be adding my contribution.

Same here, lovely kits Jill and Shannon! I have made 2 more extension kits and some QPs, grab'em from my blog.

Here's my contribution:

I'll be uploading each of the elements and papers over the next couple of weeks to the Commons. Because I'm a Level 2, I can't upload kits yet, I can only upload each individual graphic to a max of 10 per day (25 per week), so that's why it will take me while.

There's a total of 15 papers and 22 elements.

Beautiful kits Bina and Brenda!

Those are great kits!

Jill, here's the pocket card I made! Thanks for the inspiration! smiley

It seems to be taking me forever to get anything done so I decided to speed up the process by creating some (4x6) journal cards. You can find them on the commons HERE

Hi Gina!

I found this challenge yersterday and started right away. Great idea.

Okay, here is my first element - it's for you, I hope you like it.

GondaKM_PS_Collab_PetShoppe_KonfettiHeart by Gonda, auf Flickr

OMGoodness! It's fabulous! My babies are so pretty in that heart charm. smiley

On the commons

This was a great little collab project to work on Gina, thanks for the fun theme and colour palette!

Everyone's contributions turned out beautiful!


Here is my contribution for this challenge:

I will add a few elements to the commons but you can download the papers and the elements directly from Google Drive. The links will follow as soon as possible today.

The heart charm with Ginas dogs is not included.

Thank you Gina for this fun challenge and the beatiful color palette.

Maybye I will make another kit with cats ...

Thank you participating. And thank you again for the lovely charm with my pups.

Upload is completed ...

Here are the links:
download the paper here and the elements here.

I am loving ALL the contributions I am seeing.


smiley So adorable!

I have hosted a lot of pics at tinypic and they are closing. As a result, many (most) of my images will disappear from the forums. I am sorry about that because I cannot replace all of them.


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