Designer Challenge - Take and Make

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Designer Challenge - Take and Make

For this challenge, I will provide a series of elements. Your challenge is to create something new with the supplied elements (example: quick page, cluster, mini kit, it is totally up to you). Be creative, change it up, add color, texture, styles, etc., etc. Let your imagination soar. You may add your own designs and/or (CU) elements you have collected from PS. Once you have shown your unique creation, you are free to add your creation to your kits.


Credits: I used elements from Elif Sahin's String no. 5 in the creation of these elements.

I created a cluster, using all the elements except the bear. I added a button and staples from PS. (Attributions listed on commons).

You can download this cluster on the commons.

I made a cluster frame too. I look forward to making a layout with it after the grandchildren visit this week. smiley

Lovely frame Nellie. smiley

Here is my result.........

smiley Sunny

I tried this one. I always enjoy making clusters. I used all the parts but changed a couple.

Very nice Donna. I really enjoy clustering too. smiley

Here is my try smiley

excellent cluster @Michaela. Thank you for participating.

Hi...hope these are ok...

I have also made 2 qps but they wouldn't upload to imgur...

OMG!!! Why are they in a black box??? smiley smiley

Question for Gina: Are the elements you provide for this challenge for pu or cu. I file my scrapbooking items in 2 completely separate ways for pu and cu so I don't use pu incorrectly. Since this is my first time with this challenge, I just need to know where to put the elements you provided. Thank you so much!

Because I have to start all over again, i made a tiny, mini kit with this.
It was a bit disappointing for me because I have forgotten so many things, i have to learn everything all over again.


@ Donna - you make use these items in kits you sell.

@ Moontje - I love what you created. I have started over several times. It will come back quickly.

I have hosted a lot of pics at tinypic and they are closing. As a result, many (most) of my images will disappear from the forums. I am sorry about that because I cannot replace all of them.

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