Designer Challenge - Today I Will Choose joy

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Designer Challenge - Today I Will Choose joy

For this challenge, I am providing a theme "Choose Joy" and a color palette. Please create a kit (you decide the size), you can share your creation on the commons, your blog, place it for sale in an online shop, whatever you decide but please post a kit preview here so we can see what you have made.

Thanks in advance for participating.

Photoshop ACO

Illustrator ASE

Please use this palette for your contribution.

smiley So great, many thanks, Gina!
edit july 4th, will ul soon

Nice colors, thanks!

please could you post the color hexes? just want to make sure I get them right thank you smiley Gill
also are we allowed to add white in as per your heading? thanks

Hex added.

Yes, Black and/or white are allowed.

Lovely kits ladies. Thank you for participating. smiley smiley

I hope to have something soon.