Designer Challenge - Today I Will Choose joy

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Designer Challenge - Today I Will Choose joy

For this challenge, I am providing a theme "Choose Joy" and a color palette. Please create a kit (you decide the size), you can share your creation on the commons, your blog, place it for sale in an online shop, whatever you decide but please post a kit preview here so we can see what you have made.

Thanks in advance for participating.

Photoshop ACO

Illustrator ASE

Please use this palette for your contribution.

Nice colors, thanks!

please could you post the color hexes? just want to make sure I get them right thank you smiley Gill
also are we allowed to add white in as per your heading? thanks

Hex added.

Yes, Black and/or white are allowed.

Lovely kits ladies. Thank you for participating. smiley smiley

I hope to have something soon.

thank you Gina, off to check mine now. unbelievably the last time colors were posted the hexes were the same as on my program(Inkscape) without alteration, which I don't understand, I thought everyone's PC saw colors differently..??? oh well that's a very convenient thing.
next time I wont worry if it comes out identical again this time. smiley

coming soon. You will have first access to it.

Gill, different computers can see colors differently depending on their display settings, but if you copy the palette image posted for creating your palette, it should come out nearly identical if not exact. Even if your computer sees a turquoise on the palette as more of a mint green, whatever you make with that mint green would look turquoise on a computer that sees the turquoise. And I find that unless there are some major monitor miscalibrations going on, it's not even going to be that dramatic a difference.

For instance, I have a two-monitor setup. The older of the two (on the right, not my main workspace) used to be my only monitor, and was an already pretty old hand-me-down from a family member. I did lots of art on there, and only noticed a color issue with how images printed, so I just made sure to adjust prior to printing. When I got my newer, nicer monitor and set it as my main workspace screen, I noticed that all the pictures I'd been coloring that had been, in this case, purple (or so I thought) were a fair bit redder. Turns out the older monitor was heavily shifted toward blue, but I hadn't really noticed until I got the new monitor which was better calibrated.

Amanda,interesting huh,? thank you for the explanation...yes my newer laptop is obviously better!:)

Thank you for the Challenge! I did a mini dex card kit. I did not use the hex numbers. I wish I did. The whole time I was wishing there was a dark purple like 3c3193 (looked almost black when I copied). I'll try to change it to the right colors.


Don't laugh too loudly, this layout thing is new to me. I did have fun, thank you, I love a challenge. I learnt a few things along the way which is the main thing and had fun also.

having issues uploading, sorry BRB, this is the MAIN thing I learnt, how to put image into forum heehee, still small but way better than the huge one before!

Robin, you are SOOO good at papers! wow. no idea what a dex card is, but I do love your work. inspiring!

This kit will not be available to the public until July 25 but as a thank you for participating in this challenge, you have first access.

Beautiful Gina!!

oh wow, look at that flower cluster! beautiful, love all the feminine swirls..

Oh, what a lovely theme!

I'm going to make something too.

Thanks Gina! smiley

Can use your kit Gina for challenge now (challenge here for July ) ???? smiley

@Bourico - the kit doesn't go live until July 28, so if you post your layout for that date, of course you may use it. I'd be honored!

only for this date 28 July ...(not now ???) ok! smiley

UPDATE: I've added dropbox links for you all to download.
On the 28th of July, a QP will go live in the commons.



Lisel that's so lovley, wsp the wreath, and the roses, and love the words too!

Thank you, Gill! This was a fun one to make!

Gorgeous kit Lisel. I'm loving the diamond studded Joy elements.

Thank you for participating.

Gina, what do you think of my upload please? I know its only little...but would love you feedback..:)

It's very pretty Gill. One of my favorite things is paper with wrinkles in it!!

Is it in the commons or somewhere so I can download it?

thanks Gina, I will upload it to the commons..I forgot to do that! I like that paper too... smiley thank you for your feedback.

Here is my part smiley

Download Link

Nili that's lovely, I like the accent on the soft purple.

Thank you for your kit, Gina, I just realized you had it linked! I've added the links to my kit in my original post above.
And thank you Nili and Gill as well for your kits!