Designer Challenge: Where in the world

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Designer Challenge: Where in the world

For this challenge, I want you to create an element (or elements) that represent where you are from. Examples: if you are from France, my might use the Eiffel Tower in your creation, if you are from Georgia (USA), you might use peaches in your creation, etc, etc. You may use elements you have downloaded from the graphic section of PS in your creations.

Once you have shown your unique creation, you are free to add it to your kits.

Lets see if I do this right.....

This is entirely mine I did this today while under the weather, in other words bored in my room!!! Its an Australian bird a rosella smiley Use it for your pu kits.


OMGoodness! What a pretty bird.

They are very pretty birds smiley

Another of our birds... a bush turkey smiley


smiley I love the birds! smiley

I chose cotton because of all the cotton fields (460,000 acres) in Alabama.

ooo thats a whole lot of cotton!!! I know a cotton field is coming up way before I see it... my sinus goes into overdrive!!! Found that out when we got close to the cotton fields in Queensland....
One more Australian bird.... Old man emu


I love the emu!!

Your profile doesn't say if you have a blog or store or anything. Do you sell your designs?

Evening Gina smiley ummm I tried to keep a blog once but I am terrible at them especially doing the pages... the one I had was a travel blog so my kids would know where we were on our trip around Australia (we never made it all the way around).... I have been asked to put my stuff in a store where they have popped a place up for me but have not put anything up yet (2peasinapod store).... am used to giving things away more so. The only time I have sold anything was some sketches and photographs at an art exhibit and I never cashed the cheque lol am hopeless!!!
I use art/photography and digital art to keep myself sane and to give me something to d when I am unwell (am unwell a lot and get depressed about it).. I fancied doing the Australian birds because I have just finished an Australian themed kit and they'll go with it smiley
I am glad you like the birds smiley

I LOVE these birds! These are amazing!

I'm from Orlando Florida. This is downtown Orlando Lake Eola (famous fountain). I've walked many a mile around this lake. There are no alligators there but representing FL I put one. smiley

Robin, that is a gorgeous card!! If a collection of water is larger than a puddle, a gator could be in it. smiley

LOL true!

My daughter lived at Mount Dora for a while (when she first married). While visiting, we went to Gatorland. What an amazing place! I was terrified and in awe the whole time. ๐ŸŠ

I'm going to do a giant cockroach for Houston. JUST KIDDING!

ooooo a gator!! not too sure I'd want to bump into one.... I love what you did Robin smiley
LOL @ Jill..... you can just about put saddles on the ones in Sydney hehehehe

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ Jill for the giant cockroach idea. At least with the giant ones, you can hear them coming before they get there. ๐Ÿคฃ

I'll just take a picture of the one squished outside my apartment building and extract it...


ewwwwwww smiley

Robin, the postcard ist really great. We spend some vacations in Florida/Orlando and we also visited Gatorland and the Everglades. But gators really scare me ... they look so harmless and slow laying there on the ground in the sun but they are so fast when they decide to move. We don't have so much dangerous animals in Germany, especally not in the northern part, where we live.

We have a lot of cows and horses (there is also a jumping horse in the flag of Lower Saxony ) and there is a large and popular shipyard less than 25 miles away, where they build all the huge cruise ships. F. e. they built the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. Yes, these ships are made in Germany. It's so impressive to see these huge cruise ships moving from the shipyard over a river to the Northsea.

Official State Insect of Alabama - monarch

monarchs are so beautiful!

Are they actually cockroaches or are they Palmetto bugs (hubby has family in SC and they are adamant about their large roach looking bugs being palmetto bugs).....Never-mind.... I just Googled the difference and the only difference seems to be the larger palmetto are American Cockroaches. Either way, eeeeeewwwwwww.

Yeah, as a northerner (NY) transplanted to the south, I just laugh when people in the area insist "they're not cockroaches, they're palmetto bugs." "Palmetto bug" is Southern for "giant freaky cockroach." smiley

In Alabama, they are cockroaches. My daughter, who lives in Florida insists on calling them Palmettos. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks so much for this challenge, Gina. smiley
Great contributions here smiley

I started out with a koala and ended up with a Koala Coast mini.

One nice brushturkey, used to have loads of those in the backyard nesting smiley

I saw my first bush turkey at an overnight stop on the side of the road in Queensland, i thought it was a wonderful bird smiley

Bina, that koala is beyond adorable. smiley

I love your Koala Coast mini Bina! Fantastic job!!