Elements Challenge - Movie Night (due 7/28)

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Elements Challenge - Movie Night (due 7/28)

Hello, ladies! I've got a new elements challenge for you this week, with a theme that encompasses trips to the local cineplex for the latest blockbuster action flick or Pixar feature, lazy nights at home watching a Blu-Ray disc, Netflix nights, looking back at old home movies, or shooting new videos of the family. Anything that goes with the movies is fair game: cameras, lights, clapper boards, marquee lights, movie poster frames, red carpet, awards, popcorn, sodas, boxes of candy, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, DVD cases, people watching on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, or movie-related word art. Get creative and let's make something amazing!

Your challenge is to create 10 movie-themed elements by July 28th. These can be finished elements or templates. If you do finished elements, I encourage you to break out of the traditional black/white/red/gold color palette; doing so will make for a more unique kit and more sales, should you opt to use these elements as the basis for a kit or minikit. What about vintage starlet blues and browns, or a silent-movie themed set? smiley

I love this challenge, Holly! I've included the color pallette I plan to use (and have already used) if anyone would like it.

Also, these are what I already had available for free. (I passed my quiz, but I'm still waiting on being accepted to the commons.) They are available here.

OK, so here are a few more elements to round this out. You can find them at the same place here.