February 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - Final List

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February 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - Final List

Thread updated: Now this is the final list for the February CU Blog Train!

so make sure to update your links and add your parts in this thread.

Let's get this train moving everyone.

For each train, you will make between 1 to 3 CU element/paper templates (no more) which you will giveaway on your blog or here if you do not have a blog on February 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for minimum 2 weeks.

The Theme is

For this blog train, you make texture overlays, styles or repeat textures. These have to be Commercial Use allowed.

For this challenge there is no need for a palette, just make sure your textures are in gray scale and you are set.

I can't wait to see what you all are going to make.

If you have any questions let me know, and post your previews along the way so we can all see what you are making smiley

On February 13th, I will post a make this post into the final list.

You can find the Pixel Scrapper Preview if you need it here: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/marisa-lerin/designs/pixel-scrapper-preview-package-template-paper just download it add your logo and name and you are set.

I'm in!

Here is some examples of textures... these are right from PS.... https://www.pixelscrapper.com/search/all/texture Although some of these are colored, Ania would like them to be gray scale.

Me in too!! smiley
I just love making textures and patterns!!

Can i do this to ?

Ok, i took some pictures from wood in the house, and maked them as texture. Hope that is fine?
So if i read right, we place it on our blog the 15th.

Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dy8uaxbl5p8axv/VC_CUPixelscrapperBlogTrainFebr2017.zip?dl=0

Vanessa - wow that wood has some marvelous texture to it! Great photograph, by the way. They will be fun to use.

I'll sign up for this challenge as well. smiley

Vanessas, great textures! A job well done!

I'm in! Here's mine. On my BLOG on February 15th! No copyright issues here- all my own photography and artwork! smiley

Ladies, You are rocking this challenge. Great job.

Vanessa and Laurel-- fabulous textures!! Great job!!

Thank you, i would love to use yourto Laurel, they look awesome

You can download my CU blog Train part from my blog here.

Oooooh Faith! Your textures are BEAUTIFUL! Love them.

Laurel, your textures are the bomb! I can hardly wait to download them. Thank you in advance.

Faith! I just downloaded your textures. Thank you so much!! I look forward to using them.

Sharon, Thanks so much - Let me know what I can do to improve on my work. smiley

Count me in!

Here is what I have!!! I enjoyed making them so much!!

Use or throw away-- after all they are Rotten Papers!! smiley
These are 12x12" 300dpi print ready papers!! It's already available for download here--

My part will be available on my blog february 15th
or here

I made 2 overlays and 1 border

Very nice Krissy! Excellent work!

Dana! I love your textures. Very nice.

I look forward to downloading them Ladies.

PMG Ladies, you are all doing so well. I love all the textures.

Thank you very much Ania and Sharon!!

All of these are cool, but, Sunny?
Your papers are just BEAUTIFUL.
Oh, I love that rose one on the front, that twist to it is so awesome!

Thank you, Lisel! But I wonder if it may be too difficult to use in a layout. But it was fun creating!

Faith, your textures WILL NOT be too difficult to use, I already have plans for them! LOL.

Me too, Sharon! No, Sunny, I'll DEFINITELY be using your papers!

Hello, ladies, may I join in? These will be available on my blog next Tuesday, February 7 (or sooner if I can get them uploaded before.)


Download here

@Dana, bokeh and splatters are my favorite things ever. smiley

Rose, your textures are very nice! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Sharon!

Thank you ladies smiley