Jan 2019 CU Blog Train - Final List

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Jan 2019 CU Blog Train - Final List

Please post your submissions for the JanuaryCommercial Use Blog Train here.

This month's theme is Winter.

Share an image and a link to download your creation for this blog train.

Our commercial-use blog train uses a standardized palette for consistency. The image with hex codes is available HERE and those of you who use Photoshop or PSE can download an ACO file HERE.

Please use this logo on your preview.

For each month's train, you will create 1-3 items; these must be released with a commercial use license. You can make papers, overlays, elements, or templates. Your contribution may be posted on your blog, or the download can be linked in the list thread posted each month if you don't have a blog. In either case, they should be available for a minimum of a month from the time you post it here.

Second time is a charm! smiley

Download available HERE

You can find the fireplace and grate on my Antebellum Press Blog . I will update the link for Pixel Scrapper soon.

Download HERE

sorry! smiley

Yes, I made it! I created layered doodles to build your own snowman smiley

Find it on my blog here: http://bit.ly/2tMAi6m

I'm looking for the February post? Is it up yet?

I haven't seen one either. February Layout Madness is very distracting hehe smiley

Maybe Holly or Marisa can get one created soon? I also have something for this so I'm waiting too. smiley

It is up now, ladies! Enjoy!

smiley Thanks Holly!