July 2019 CU Blog Train "Water" - Final List

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July 2019 CU Blog Train "Water" - Final List

Welcome to the July CU blog train! Contributors, please post your previews and links for this month's theme "water". Your portion should be released with a commercial-use license and available for the rest of the month once you've posted here.

My preview for July:

4 elements and a paper


Download: https://tamarices.blogspot.com/.

The mermaids tails are removable and you can mix them.

Print by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

Thank you xxxooo

Thank you, both! Sweet!

thank ladies smiley

These mermaids are adorable Tamara! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Thank you I love them xxxooo

Yess, I finally made it too! You can grab my part on my blog HERE

Thank you all.

@Dana: Yesterday, it was almost midnight (summer break in Germany, so no school at the next day) my 17-years-old son and my 13-years-old daughter were sitting at the kitchen table and discuss about the dying of the corals and how to save them before they went to bed.

The kids jumping in puddles are great.

I love your ballons, these kind of wordart is georgeous.

My daughter loves your mermaids.

@Gonda, I saw a documentary about how they could re-grow corals by breaking it up in tiny little pieces and how they grown in a short amount of time to the size the big coral was before they broke it up. It was quite fascinating. How sweet of your kids to stand still with something that important!

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you Gonda smiley

HOw cute!!!