March 2014 Kit Challenge: Final Results

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March 2014 Kit Challenge: Final Results

I can't believe a whole month has gone by! As you finish your March kits, feel free to share the final preview and download links here. If you've put your kit up in a store, that's fine to share as well!

Well, here is all my stuff. I wish we had this kind of challenge going on every month! (even if it's just in the background of other challenges) It was so much fun. I appreciate all the comments I received throughout the month and it just kept me excited to keep going and be more creative, so THANK YOU!

Steampunk Papers
Steampunk Papers Extra
Steampunk Elements
Steampunk Elements Extra
Steampunk Specials
Steampunk Alphas
Steampunk Datewheels

@Karry--Holy old nuts, that is AMAZING! I'm truly in awe of your vision, your talent, and your generosity in sharing your hard work with us. Thank you! I can't wait to do some scrapping with your kit! I think it'll be perfect for the Girls' Weekend trip I took in February...

What a fun month you must have had, Karry. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and work. I can foresee lots and lots of pages being made with this. I can't wait to unpack and go through this treasure trove.

Great job, Karry! Mine is in the week 4 post. This really was a lot of fun.

I'm still working on this challenge, but I'm getting closer to be done with every day.
@Karry Thank you for your amazing kit. I love it! I can't wait to use it.

Amazing Talent, Kerry! I am a fan.

Thank you so much everyone!

Wow, Karry! That is gorgeous!

@Karry-Thank you for your fantastic kit! I love the alpha and can't wait to unzip the rest and check it out. It's really wonderful.

I am still working on mine, hopefully I will get it done.
Karry your kit is totally stunning, in love with that alpha you created.

You are amazing! I love seeing your designs. It is so cool to see you are not stuck in any particular style. You rock! Awesome job and I too can't wait to use your kits. smiley

Download here

Download here

Hi Kerry,

Are the kits for Commercial use?

Oh I just found this... it is so wonderful!

awesome work, Karry!

I hope this challenge will happen again, I'd love to join in the fun.

They are for personal use.

Thanks Kerry

Loved these colours!
Head to my blog to download

here is my complete kit previews u can dl on my blog the medal kit i did in photoshop im very new to it so dont laugh to hard lol.

@Amara--your kit is so elegant; beautiful...
@Anita, I love those colors too...your papers are amazing!
@Joyce--wow! You created a LOT; was your "edit" button broken during this challenge too? smiley I think your medals look fantastic--nice job.

I'm hoping to post my finished kit soon. Everyone is creating such awesome kits, it makes me excited to step up my game next time and try to create something just as wonderful...

Marisa, I LOVE these challenges...please keep them coming.

@Angela: Thanks so much! This was my first "kit" smiley I am glad you like it!

@Angela Thank-you, I did go a little paper crazy on this one and really enjoyed making them! Much more than the elements and alpha!

My result! You can download it on my blog.

Love the kit, Rani, Thank you!

Great kit, Anita, Thank you!

Here is my finished kit preview and download link. This was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I'm new at this so I hope it's good. Not all elements are shown and drop shadows are on preview only.

You can download it HERE

Hi all smiley

My kits are available for download on my new blog!!

@Karry - So I've spent the last 30 minutes extracting files and flipping through your elements saying "oooh...that's my favorite"...."oooh...nope, that's my favorite" (you get the picture!) I'll definitely be starting that fan club now, cause girl, I'm in awe! When I finally tire of flipping through all the pretty pretty files....which will probably be next month sometime...I hope I'll be able to create a layout that will do it justice! BTW...Datewheels...A.May.ZING! just

@Raye...oh my gosh, thank you SO much! The funny thing is I could have done more. I sill have more stuff and ideas sitting in a folder. Maybe at some point I'll do an add on or something but there is so much already. I was actually afraid of overwhelming people that tried to go threw it all. I cant WAIT to see your layouts so you better post them! I have some ideas for some layouts too...I just don't have the right pictures yet. haha

@Rani - Love your chalkboard kit!
@Beverley - Thanks, my pleasure to share! Enjoy it.