March 2014 Kit Challenge: Final Results

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Great kits, Raye, Thank you!

Hi Kerry. While I am not a fan of steampunk nor of alphas, I just gotta have your steampunk alpha (and all the other bits of course). That is one gorgeous kit that will be fun to play with. thank you for creating and for sharing it. Middie

KARRY,I am utterly speechless at what you have achieved here - this bundle is amazing! I love your rich colour palette, and the detail is stunning! You are very talented, and so generous to offer it here as a free download when you could have easily have earned money from it. Thank you so much!

I know we are supposed to post our kits here but before I do that I need an advice. It is my first time creating a whole kit and I created about 70 different papers each color variation. I know no one needs that many papers in a kit but I don't know how to choose which ones to choose and include in a kit. How do you decide which paper is going to be included in the kit? please help.

Thank you Robin. I don't sell anything I make because I'm just doing it for fun and to learn. Maybe in the future, but for now I just like making stuff, being creative, and learning new things.

OK, this is funny. Dropbox just BANNED my account for excessive bandwidth! haha I had to upgrade my account. If anyone tried to download my kit and was unable to, everything should be fine now.

That's funny Karry! That happened to me last month and so I started using multiple download links to try and spread it out a bit. I'm still not ready to commit to paying for!

@Ania - I usually go with one or two variations of a design in different colors. But if you love them all and don't want to throw any out, you could always bundle them up by color or pattern and give individual download links for each. Then people could decide if they want some or all of them.

I missed this month and it looks like everyone was busy designing away! Maybe next time around I'll get in on the action. smiley

@Amanda Thank you. This a brilliant idea.

Karry......This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What a talent.

Here's my final product. That took some work! Lol. It'll be in stores on the first and the QP will be on my blog tomorrow sometime.

Kerry - Thank you so very, very much, this kit is amazing! I fell in love with everything in the kit, but especially the alpha! So many details, in a very delicate way. Awesome! I get so many ideas what to scrap with this!

Stunning! Thanks for being so generous and sharing this kit.

This is the first time I have tried to do a kit with a kit preview - I am amazed at all the beautiful previews I see now - they are a lot of work! I don't know how to put up a kit for download but thought you all might enjoy a look at a complete amateur attempt at this challenge. My preview is posted at my blog.

Here is link to my kit. it still needs some adjustments and I have to create decent preview for it. It will be available for download till 4/10/2014 after that I will give it away as a newsletter sign up freebie on my blog.
It includes 57 papers, 16 journaling cards, 28 frames, 92 elements, word art. If you would like only journaling cards from this kit they are available for download on my facebook page. Not all the elements are shown in these previews.


Wow, I'm finished !!! My kit is posted on my blog ... it is under the Spring Coming kit. The colour pallet came from a photo of a sunset behind the Egyptian pyramids.

@Marylou Lynn: There are a lot of different file sharing sites that give you free space to use. I prefer ones without ads like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive (comes with your Gmail account if you have one) -- these are just a few. You just put your elements/papers into a folder, zip it up, and upload to the file sharing site of your choice. smiley

Here's my kit!

Download them in my BLOG

@ Mary Lou. You can get several free file zipper programs as well if you dont have one. I use 7 Zip
And the way you get all your items into your preview is to just resize them so they are smaller and you can fit them on. If you need help, give me a holler be happy to help you with it smiley

Karry, this is absolutely beautiful! I am waiting patiently while the last files download. I love the datewheels and the alpha, but I think my favorite piece is going to be the dragonfly heart. It is stunning. Thank you!

Thank you, Susan, this is so pretty!! I love the blue and gold combo.

Thank you Amara! Your kit is full of such happy colors! I love your word strip quotes!

Thank you Ania! The combination of blues is great. This will be fun to play with!

Kim this is very spring! I love the bright colors. Thank you!

You are welcome @Joanne. I can't wait to see what you'll create with my kit smiley

These kits are all amazing! Thank you all so much for sharing your incredible talent!

Such beautiful kits!! I think my favorite part is Karry's Steampunk date wheel - I will get a lot of mileage out of that! Thanks so much to all of the designers for sharing!

hi thank u ms Angela yes i just could not stop lol smiley

Sorry I haven't posted my finished kit but can't get it to work. I will keep trying and if I figure it out I'll post it. If not, oh well!

Trying this again! My kit is on my blog here -

Gorgeous kits ladies!!