March 2014 Kit Challenge: Final Results

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Here's Mine - It's the 1st designing I've done since suffering a stroke in July, 2013. I'm not thrilled with the results but glad to get designing again. Maybe someone will find this useful. You can find the download links here on my blog.

Thank you, Rose. I love the color palate you've chosen.

Wow! Done!! I know that I'll be able to do even better next time, but I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment just for finishing my kit. I'm worried the rainbow pattern in my alphas doesn't come thru on-screen very well, but they're not plain white, I promise.




Here are the Dropbox download links; I've never done THAT before, either! Hope they work smiley

Extra Papers

No Harriett, thank YOU!

Wow, this is an amazing kit, thanks so much for sharing.

Nice kits everyone, thank-you

Everyone did such a great job with this challenge.. there are some amazing kits! I didn't get to finish mine but hope to be able to join the next challenge smiley

Susan this beautiful. I love that you put "I am beautiful because" and other things on your creation.

Priscilla, I love your colors and your designs. This is my kind of kit!

wow you all made great kits, love them all
and thank all so much for downloadlinks
now I have to find the time to scrap with them

Wow !!!!!! This is just amazing .....thank you so much for sharing:)
Absolutely adore the alpha.

Tres the color combo and 3D-details! Congrats

wonderful work... Great job and well done ROSE.

Loved the kit.. would love to see more!

I wanted to thank you so much for your designs. My daughter has a project due that these designs will go great on her power point. Your design here is above and beyond amazing.

Simply wonderful! Thanks!

Thanks for this cheerful happy kit!

WOW! This is terrific. I have been a kid in a candy store with your kits, but Steampunk is in a class by itself. All the links worked for me except for the Steampunk Alphas. It is going to the lemonade-stand file on 4shared.

Keep up the great work!

Kim - thanks for pointing out that the link was incorrect for my Steampunk Alphas. No one has mentioned anything and I think those are the best part of my kit. I have fixed it now so feel free to go and grab it. Hope to see them in a layout smiley

Wow! I am floored at all he creative juices flowing here!! Can you all pass some over to me? Lol Wonderful job ladies!!

@ Amara: Twice I've tried to download several items you have from bitcasa, but keep getting an error! smiley

Hello Amara! I've tried 3x'sto download your beautiful kit but I still keep getting an error message and it won't finish the download! I don't see that anyone else is having this problem!! smiley

Amazing Raye! Beautiful job on EVERYTHING with awesome attention to detail! smiley Thank you for all your hard work making ALL of this for us to use! A HUGE Thank you to Marisa for making all of this possible with Pixel Scrapper!!

1. Karry, recently I started to fall in love with everything steampunk but I didn't have a kit which captured my heart...but then I followed your link and found this treasure trove of yours and when I saw that you still had the links up, I was over the moon, believe me! Am downloading it right now and hope to soon use it.

2. I am too late to download all of your earlier gorgeous kits in the freebies thread, starting with the lemon stand smiley ...everything about your creations bowled me over!...oh, well...from now onwards, I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread so as not to miss out on anything!!!
Thank you once again got the marvellous steampunk kit! smiley smiley smiley

Hello, Amara...the link to everyday moments has expired? I got a 404 err message...Anyway, the kit is beautiful!