March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 1

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I love this!

Here is my weekly preview:

I started late (on Wednesday) because it was a long holiday here. I´m almost caught up, however. I haven´t done polka dots and geometric. I tried checkered/argyle, but it looked so awful that I gave up smiley My plaid is, in fact, a solid with a plaid texture... My free choice was "folded". I have one extra ornamental paper and a crocodile print. Some of my papers are redone from an old BT mini kit. I´ll split them in two co-ordinating kits, one for the next blog train...

Edit: Ouch, forgive my typo...

Here's my preview for this week.

Here are mine. My free choice was a solid. This is part of a kit that will be going into my store next month.

I am still working on my first week's papers (the 5-week-old baby is still sick with a bad cold, keeping Mom and this grandmother very busy)! Please, will someone tell me how to post my images here (do I load them in the Gallery and then link to them from here?) and on my blog (I have a Blogger 3 column blog)? Do I need to load the images to 4-shared as well as the kit pieces? Thanks for your help!

Everyone's kits are looking so lovely!!

@Peggy: If you´re planning to make a blog post with them you may do the blog post and them copy the image URL to the forum. But this is no t required. You shouldn´t upload it to the gallery, as it is for layouts only. You need to upload to any site where you can upload images and grab their url, and them upload here. There is a small tutorial here.

Kim, I LOVE your paper with the flowers on it!

Here are my papers for week 1. Like others have stated, I had a really hard time narrowing it down! I'm guessing that those editing muscles will grow over

Here's my preview...

@ Karry Thanks!
@ Raye I'm sure it's easier to have too many than not enough smiley I love the geometric ones.

@Victoria - I love your colors and your papers make my hands itchy to make something!!!

Sorry, I'm a bit late.. Today I decided to join this challenge and made all this papers this afternoon..

@Victoria I love the colors. They are so refreshing.
@Rani Your papers are so fun. Great idea - your chalk patterns look so good.

@ Rani: I love your chalk papers! Great work!

I could have done more. I was really getting into it smiley Here are my papers for week 1. They are available on my website April 1st as part of the full kit.

@Ania Thank you smiley

Preview of my first attempt at making papers. They will be on my blog when I get it up and running.

Megan - love your colors. I so like bright colors and pastels smiley

Thank you! smiley

hi ladies i love everyone's papers great work ms libby are ur papers for download? are the orther papers for dl ladies?thank u. smiley


I'm still working on my week 3 part. I just finished week 2 I hope you like it.

March 2014 kit Designer Challenge Pixelscrapper by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Oh my - so much inspiration - it makes me itch to participate - even though i amn so late - this is my birthday - so i am challenging myself - i have never done any designing - just did the survey and make me think about it -- found this challenge on the newsletter - lol have to be compulsive it - but ill give it a good shot -- off to choose my palette and make papers smiley) wish me luck