March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 2

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March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 2

See here for intro details. You are free to interpret these prompts as you like, but my suggestion is to make papers.

March 8 - Arrows
March 9 - Hearts
March 10 - Words
March 11 - Ornamental/Floral
March 12 - Geometric
March 13 - Free Choice
March 14 - Free Choice

Okay, time to get started!


Interesting that for week 1 your suggestion was to make papers with the provided prompts. And here on week 2 you again recommend papers. Care to share your reasoning for these particular suggestions?

I think I'm going to do elements. It's hard to figure it out because you don't know what's coming in the future smiley

Karry Dempsey wrote:

I think I'm going to do elements. It's hard to figure it out because you don't know what's coming in the future smiley

I know what you mean about it being hard, I've been struggling with a theme, myself.

Here is my stuff for this week...I'm ahead of the game because I am working on other things too and I'm trying to anticipate where the challenge will go.

ARROWS - 3 arrow cluster, armillory sphere, clock hands
HEARTS - dragonfly heart, pocketwatch heart
WORDS - 4 phrase tags
FLORAL - 7 flowers
ORNAMENTAL - gear flower, wings, ribbon slides
GEOMETRIC - clock face, photo corner, stamp
FREE CHOICE 1 - date washers (there will be 12 months and 5 years included)
FREE CHOICE 2 - gears and leather strip border

@Rose: I supose this week there are papers because most of the designers use to do papers first, then elements. Doing the first two weeks of elements, the other two can be papers. Well, I don´t work that way too, maybe I´ll do elements for some of those prompts...

I droped the ball yesterday. Photoshoped misbehaved, I got angry, my designing streak is broke. Well, In fact I confess that yesterday was a bad day for lots of things. Hope I can design something today smiley're killing me!!!! I'm just not a fan of delayed gratification and I want your kit, like NOW! Think I'll just save time and start your fan club smiley

Raye: LOL...thanks. I have SO MANY ideas for this. Hopefully I can use them all smiley

I usually like to make my papers first, and then elements. And the prompts for making elements will be more specific to elements. I try to balance them out so you end of with a good balance of papers and elements. But, as always you can do as you like.

Here are my papers for week 2.. I just did week 1 and 2 this afternoon.
For the background I used the chalkboard-paper from Janet.. I didn't manage to do my own smiley But I drew all the chalky stuff smiley

Here are my papers for week 2 smiley Once again I made about 10 times more than I put here, but it was a little easier to winnow it down to the best ones this time....maybe those editing muscles are bulking up

Raye your papers are great! I always have the same problem you do, making way more than I end up using. But I sometimes get to use the leftovers in another kit so I always keep them in a separate file!

@Karry: Your steampunk elements are so cute!

@Rani: More awesome chalkboard papers with beautiful designs! Wow!

@Raye: I love the colors you've chosen. Your papers are so pretty. I especially love the floral ones!

Here are my papers for week 2. They will be available on my website April 1st as part of the full kit.

I really like everyone's designs. The chalkboard papers are so cute. I may try that next as I am new to this designing supplies thing. Glitter is not my strong point. I so love the glitter papers in Raye's design. Great job everyone smiley

here are my papers u can dl on my blog

Here is mine for week 2!

Week 2 .... in the nick of time lol .... I love everybody's papers ... beautiful. Isn't it amazing how with the same requirements everybody designs something so different. That always amazes me.

Here's my papers!

Here are my week one and week two papers all together--my first effort at digital scrapbook design EVER! smiley Obviously my "edit" button was broken, because I got going and could not stop, it was so fun! I think I'm most excited about the potential for what I feel I could create once I kinda know what I'm doing, lol. I'm so impressed and inspired by what others are creating...

@Karry--I can't WAIT to get my hands on your steampunk kit!

Rats! Guess I'll go read Jordan's post about posting images in the forums again...really thought I had it...


Success smiley

Wow! I cant wait until the end of the month so I can get my hands on some of these great kits! I started this challenge and then had staff go on sick leave half way through the month which has put me on the back foot! I am hoping to still get finished, but I will probably have to upload it all at once.

I just realized I have never posted my week 2 creations so here it is a little sneak peek from me.

March 2014 kit Designer Challenge Pixelscrapper by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Here's my week 2. I'm playing catch up!