March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 4

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March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 4

Whenever we do this challenge it's always amazing to me when we get to week 4. Can you believe the month has gone by so fast?? I'll be posting a thread soon if you want to share your final product and any links for download. It seems like everyone has been working hard and I can't wait to see the final results.

See here for intro details. I think we've got some more elements left to do, and then some odds and ends.

March 22 - brads/buttons
March 23 - something glittery
March 24 - something painted
March 25 - journal cards
March 26 - hearts
March 27 - flowers
March 28 - something metal
March 29 - alpha
March 30 - solid papers
March 31 - previews and prepare for release!

Holy buckets...I have 7 kits! haha (overkill maybe?...need to work on that "edit" button.) Anyway, here is the last part of my kit. There aren't any hearts or flowers in the kit because I have already included a BUNCH of flowers and element hearts in previous pieces. Also, instead of solids (which i included with week 1) I included solid metal textures from my pallet which is patina, gold, bronze, copper and mixed metal. For the metal I have included some really cool metal overlays which you can either use as an overlay or just on their own, plus...isn't this whole month been nothing but metal? I really love my alphas...I worked so HARD on them. Needed something to do during the 6 hour rain delay of the Daytona 500 smiley. I also am putting up a preview of the date/calendar pieces I put together a couple weeks ago. I think those are actually my favorite parts of the whole set. I absolutely love this kit I made and I'm super proud of myself. I worked hard on it and I hope you all like it. Can't wait to see everyone elses finished work. What a GREAT month. Can't wait for one of these challenges again.

Threre are also a couple surprizes I have included in this last week that I wont mention here. Got to grab it to get them smiley

Karry this kit is "awesome"!!! Can't wait to get it.

I've finished mine...

You can download on my blog.

All done! I've truly had a blast working on this challenge and can't wait to see what's coming next. I've learned so much and I'm already scoping out color schemes/themes for my next kit...which I'll probably be starting in oh...15 minutes or

Here are my previews for week 4. I ended up throwing in the whole kit-n-caboodle of elements I made, so there's a ton of stuff not pictured in the previews smiley

Thanks Marisa, for an enlightening, educational and flat-out fun challenge!!!

Gorgeous kits ladies smiley

Done with week 4 - will post preview soon.

Here is my full kit. You can download here. Enjoy!

Download here the colors is your kit. I love how everyone has pretty much used bold colors. I have a hard time with the real light muted colors in my layouts so I don't use them very often. I think maybe because in my own life "pale" washes me out so that's moved over into my color preferences in my layouts. Can't wait to snag all these!

Love your kit and the colors, I can see some pages already in my head.

Beautiful kit, Amara!

Thank you, ladies! Amazing work!

hi i got mine done i overdid it lol my medal kit i did in photoshop just started in it a couple of weeks ago dont laugh to hard at it lol u can dl all on my blog.

I love the diversity of all those kits. It's fascinating how different all the designs are!

Karry: your steampunk alpha is great!
Amara: your kit looks so fresh!
Pauline: I love the colors.
Joyce: your medal kit is amazing!
Raye: your alpha is beautiful!

Here is my week 4:

You ladies did great!

@ Karry - I have to ask. Did you hand place each piece on your alpha? It is beyond amazing.

Amanda-yes I did. it was time consuming but I enjoyed it. Not sure I will do anything like that again for awhile.

LOL! Nothing like when inspiration is flowing! smiley

Here's my week 4:

I started this challenge but have been too busy to finish... I'm not thrilled with all of it either (I struggled with finding a theme) but I'll post what I have when I can anyway. Nice job everyone!

Everyones look amazing. I started one as well, I called it Fur Paws, however I didnt finish it. So Once completed I will share it.

These are all awesome! I have been noodling and won't have anything ready for the release date, but I'm having fun with my first digital designs. Hope I can get it ready to share sometime soon.

I'm done with mine but won't get it posted here until tomorrow! We had a virus overtake our family - hope to be able to sit at the computer longer tomorrow.

sorry - I posted incorrectly.

Amazing kits everyone.