Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline April 10

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline April 10

Time for something a little smaller!

Include ONLY the following in your mini kit:

  • 6 papers
  • 5 tags/labels/word items
  • 7 other elements

Also I want to see:

  • Polka Dots
  • The word "together"
  • Leaves

I DO NOT want to see:

  • Stripes
  • Flowers

Good luck!

Fun challenge! Can we use any color palette? Also, is this something we would give away on our blogs?

I am excited! I think I now what I want to do .... smiley

This came at a good time because I started a mini kit last night, and now I'm inspired to keep at it.

I don't know if this is appropriate to ask here, but I ask advice in regards to my mini kit? I've actually had a (what I think) is a great niche target audience for types of scrapbook kits I'm interested in making. There has to be people like myself who would love to scrap their geeky hobbies and activities, but can't find products that have quite the style they need.

My goal is to do "inspired by" lines without getting to obvious about it, so that the kits can be used for other subjects as well. Like quotes from shows that can have a scraping meaning as well. "We're all stories in the end."

This is the papers for my first one based on a Doctor Who theme. My question is would you use them to scrap other things? My style tends to run realistic, especially in papers. Or is there a preference out there for printed looking digital products. Any feedback, advice or suggestions would be appreciated. smiley


@Jennifer Joy - to answer your questions, yes and yes! You choose your palette and when you're finished, you choose what you'd like to do with your mini kit. smiley

NO FLOWERS?????!!!!!!! smiley

This will be a challenge. Lol

you mean: NO FLOWERS AT ALL? You can´t have them as ellies? I´ll try doing it, but not sure if I can really do it...

I've only made two kits with no flowers and I was so happy to know that it IS POSSIBLE. haha! Seriously though, I love it. It makes you go beyond the norm and try something new. Now if I can just get thru these next few days and back to designing. smiley

I'm in! I just recently started to create my very own kit/s but I never get around to finishing them.I guess having some limitation can get me focused.

I know what is my theme! smiley

Here's what I came up with...

You can find it on my blog.

Very cute Pauline!!

This will be a Challenge, with no flowers!
I can't wait to see how it will turn out! smiley

No flowers, it would feel incomplete to me smiley
I'll give it a try

I feel a bit mean about the no flowers thing. Especially since whenever I make a kit without flowers, and then go to use it I'm like, "where are the flowers?" But sometimes it's nice to shake things up a bit smiley

LOL Marisa!

I don't have any answers for you, but I had to jump in and tell you I LOVE those papers. And Doctor Who smiley Good luck!!

Exciting, love the ones that make you really think outside the square! I'm in.

So Flickr has changed and I can no longer find that BBCode or whatever it is to paste my preview. Anyone know where it is?

Under the share option there's a push pin icon that you can click on and it will give you the correct code.

thanks smiley

I'm a Montanan...that was my inspiration. smiley

(the first turquoise paper is covered with leaves but you can't really tell from the preview)


@ Karry. Your so fast. And that looks fantastic, loving the colors as well.
@ Erin, You will probably find as you keep designing your style may change, till you fall into one that fits you comfortably. Go with your creative flow, if that is what inspires you, then go with it.
Hope that helps.
@Pauline, wow you are quick as well, I am still trying to figure out which way to go, so hard without the option of flowers lol.
You kit looks lovely.

@ Karry: This is such a useful kit for me. I am in a country band and now I have some stuff to scrapbook. I'll post pages when I get that far lol smiley I love these colors and textures smiley

Are accordion paper rounds flowers?

Karry ... I love your western theme ... the badge and buckle are very cool ... how do you put something up so fast? Have you pieces ready to go before you make a kit? Do you sit all night at the 'puter? I am a turtle and although I run with the hares and get there in the end there is no way it will be fast lol ...

Erin ... Dr Who??? ... very cool, I love Dr Who ... my son has a plastic printer he made from scratch and he just printed out a blue transformer that folds into the tardis .... although I don't sell my kits I have run my own business and I can tell you if they like it they will buy it and that will tell you in a short time if that is what they want. I like the papers you have posted

Pauline ... how cute is that little kit? Same question ... how did you do that so quickly? Wow!!

Marisa !!!! ....NO flowers? ... but but but but we need spring ... the ground is covered with new, sticky snow this morning ... out east received 53 cm in one bit whollop this week along with high winds and no power....I'm going to try this but it will be reallllly hard smiley ... this site is testing me lol

I realized that no flowers is way more challenging when working with girl colors. I love making word art so that part of the challenge was fun for me. It looks like I have more word bits than necessary, but it just turned out that way as I was making "other" elements. And I was a little stitch crazy lol! smiley

Although I had time to get this done before the deadline, it will not be on the blog until after this week since the BT takes off today/tomorrow. I'll re-post the links here once it's up and ready for download.

@Karry! (Excited not yelling lol!) - My dad was born & raised in Montana! Super small town. We used to go visit every Thanksgiving for 2 weeks. Loved it! And he's the biggest John Wayne fan, which some of your pieces remind me of. I especially love the bigger journal card! smiley

What does everyone say to this?

Are accordion paper rounds flowers?

I am done with my mini-kit. This made me very happy. Get it here. smiley
I would also love comments as this is my first ever, I still have a lot to learn.