Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline April 10

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Priscilla that is gorgeous!

All of these are lovely - thank you!

@Patricia: Thank you so much! smiley

So I ended up re-working a few things for this challenge and the download is now on the blog. (And there's also a little bonus!) smiley

So cute Priscilla!!! Love the go together like salt and pepper theme!

Amanda, so the best friend theme!

here is mine u can dl on my blog

Thank you Kiana. smiley

Thanks Kiana! smiley

Thank you to all sharing! The kits are lovely!

I was hoping to do this one but must get my income taxes done before the 14th deadline; gosh I hate filing income taxes ! smiley

Woohoo! I did I specifically concentrated on ONLY making what I needed this time!!! (as opposed to the other kits where I made about 100 extra You can pick it up on my blog

I even got inspired and used this mini kit to celebrate my cousin's engagement!

Jamie, beautiful kit, I'm crazy about papers and I love yours!
Amanda that is one beautiful kit and the color combo is fab!

Thanks Annu. smiley

Great idea, Raye, Thank you!

Ladies, fabulous kits as usual!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!!!!!

This is so cute Pauline! I LOVE the butterfly and the leaves.

here is my try, would love some feedback smiley

download here

Annu, I love it!!! It looks so country looking!!!

Great kits!
I did my kit to support Autism Awareness.. you can download it on my blog

Great kits everyone, well done and thanks for the tut

@Bre -Simply gorgeous! Love the vibrant colors & the message!

@Shirley thank you smiley
@Bre beautiful kit love the puzzle piece

Back from my trip, part two of my mini kit - 5 word art pieces

7 other elements:

Entire kit:

Everyone's kit looks wonderful!
Here's mine!

Download in my BLOG

Erin, Love your Doctor kit!! Especially River Song's journal!!

fantastic kits.. thank you everyone for all the hard work.